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  1. C

    When to change filter media?

    Hey all, first of all, big thanks to everyone who have been answering my beginner questions along the journey. It's been 6 weeks, and I have just added my first batch of cherry shrimps in, and they seemed to be doing well! About 2 weeks prior, I also added 2 small Nerites, and they have also...
  2. C

    How often to clean filters during the initial maturing / cycling process?

    Hey all, I am about 3 days in to my new planted tank. I am using a 'hang on back' filter. On the intake tube, I put an additional sponge to protect future shrimps, and also I heard that it's serves as an additional media for beneficial bacteria to grow. However, as of just few days, I can...
  3. P

    New Filter for 60x40x40

    Hi Everyone! I'm going to buy a new filter for my 96l (60x40x40 cm) tank. Now I use an Eheim 2075 filter, but I'll be selling it on Thursday, because it's 5 years old. I am very happy with the eheim filters so far, so I would like to buy a new Eheim for my next filter as well. What would you...
  4. Ollie s

    External filter opinions

    Hello everyone, I'm currently preparing to setup a 220 litre in my lounge which will be heavily planted, co2 ect, after months and months of research I'm finding it impossible to make a decision on which filter to go for. I have max 300 to spend and have looked at the aquael ultramax 2000...
  5. C

    Oase Filtosmart 100 blowing air?

    Hi all, New member here looking for some advice. I have a 25L nano and last weekend swapped out an older canister filter for a new Oase Filtosmart 100 with the built-in heater (mainly because I wanted the heater out of the aquarium). Since it's been up and running, it frequently pumps out a...
  6. D

    CristalProfi greenline

    Hello, I am new to having a big fish tank, I bought secondhand 320l aquarium with everything included Problem is that after setting up the aquarium I tried to connect the filter, after filling it up adding the pipes etc I couldn’t start it, it was making a rattling noise. I gave up. Some how the...
  7. Protopigeon

    Shrimp-proofing the Fluval flex 57L filter section

    Hey folks I hope you're all safe and well I've had a Fluval 57L Flex set up for a while and my Crystal Reds are breeding well. However, during a recent water-change I noticed a few juvenile shrimplets in the first and second chambers (from left to right). I managed to fish them out with a tiny...
  8. Crazy_Walrus

    How do plants prefer their nitrogen?

    Do plants prefare amonia, nitraten nitrite or pure nitrogen? EG would the plants benifit more if I used a filter media that turnes nitrates into pure nitrogen that can eb consumed or gassed off?
  9. Crazy_Walrus

    Spiral glass outlet

    Hi all, I can't seem to find anywhere in the UK that sell those spiral.style glass inlet pipes that slow flow down. Any ideas?
  10. oscarlloydjohn

    Reducing vibration on wooden floors

    Do you guys have any tips on how I can reduce the vibrations transmitted by my filters through wooden floorboards? Cheers
  11. wilamzq

    First Water and RO questions

    Hi, I have set up a hardscape consisted of some lava rocks and a Tropica Aquasoil which I intend to use it for plants mostly (HC carpet & parvula mini) . I bought this RO filter https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aquili-osmosis-Complete-treatment-Aquarium/dp/B07C9LQJBX and I am wondering If I made a...
  12. oscarlloydjohn

    Outflow choices

    I will hopefully be getting an ADA 60F soon (there will be a journal!). It will be a rock layout with monte carlo as the main plant, not an Iwagumi though. I plan to have deep aquasoil with banks on either side so that I can have emersed growth. Can any of you share any advice/experiences on...
  13. Aquarium_scape_n_fish

    Floating microbubbles everywhere

    Hi all At the begining of July, I stripped down and completely rescaped my tank. The gravel was replaced with Tropica Aquarium soil and a mix of new and existing plants were added along with new and existing wood hardscape. After a week or two, i noticed the water was hazy and on closer...
  14. Glenda Steel

    Advice on temporary homing fish/inverts

    I am planning to re-scape our tank but will need to have temporary accommodation for the fish (5 Endler's Guppy, 1 Danio, 5 Amano shrimp and 5 Nerite snails. I was already thinking of setting up a second tank and thought that this may be a good temporary home. I envisage it will take a couple...
  15. Kitbag

    Filter for aqua scraping and Shrimp

    Hi, I’m looking at setting up my first planted tank which will include shrimp. I’m likely to go for a 55L aquascaper with pressurised CO2. What would be a good filter that would create enough flow to get the CO2 around whilst being safe for the shrimp? I’m undecided on internal or external so...
  16. Shinobi

    ADA Super jets - worth the investment?

    I've been eyeballing these filters for a while now, especially the ES600 for my 60p. I know they have proved their worth in the ADA gallery for years now, but I simply can't get my head around how a 350l/h filter can be sufficient for a 60p or even a 90p when we usually do the 10x turnover rule...
  17. Kezzab

    Bodged DIY trickle tower for sump

    As an experiment I've bodged this together. The milk bottle is filled with clay pebbles. The bottle is sat on an upturned flower pot to keep it above water level. There's a mini spray bar stuck through the top of the bottle and I've punctured holes all over it. Question is whether it is too...
  18. D

    Mass algae invasion..Help please!

    Hi all, First, thank you in advance for all your interest on my problem. A started a 300L planted tank 7 months ago. Specifications: - Lightning: 3 * Chihiros A series (1*A901 + 2* A501) for a total of 17800 Lumen , dimmed at 6/7 power each. 7Hour/day (enough..?) - Fluval...
  19. Shinobi

    JBL Cristalprofi 901E - filter media upgrade(?)

    So I'm currently pretty happy with my JBL 901e that i have installed on my 60p. The very low amount of noise, and decent flow seems to fit the tank quite well. However 10+ weeks into the filters life I'm still seeing some pretty high spikes in NO2, despite low feeding and 2x WC weekly with about...
  20. Kezzab

    clay pebbles as filter media

    hi, I have a load of clay pebbles and a lot of spare space in a sump. Is there any reason why they wouldn't work as a filter media? I can't think of any, but before I stick them all in... thanks
  21. Mark82

    Water Change

    Hi all, So I’m hoping someone can provide me some more insight into why we need to do a weekly water change. I know everyone says you need to do between 25 to 50% water change weekly, but for me I want to know why, I am trying to understand why we need to do this. Before I go any further I...
  22. dmallia

    Canister Filter for an 30 ltr tank

    I have an Aquatlantis Nano Cube 30ltr aquarium which is currently running with its own internal filter with some guppies and amano shrimps. I am planning to reconstruct this aquarium to a full aquascape and to increase some space I am going to remove the internal filter. Since I am going for...
  23. Zak Rafik

    How do you clean Filter media / canister filters after a BBA attack? :-/

    Hi guys :) OK, I was out this awesome hobby for some time (the reason is in one of my most read post:dead:). The main reason I shut down the tank was due to a heavy attack of BBA and BGA. Anyway, I shutdown my 4 feet tank about ten months back but now I'm all energized to restart my...
  24. jameson_uk

    Filter for Planted Nano Shrimp Tank

    I picked up an Aqua One Aspire 22 from P@H whilst they were on offer at £55. I believe the lights are heater are OK and figured at that price I can always replace the filter if necessary. Plan is to turn this into a low tech planted shrimp tank for RCS. The tank itself is a P@H exclusive...
  25. C

    First planted tank - TMC Signature

    Hi guys, I have just completed the hardware & hardscape setup of my first ever planted tank. I am going to plant with Eleocharis Acicularis Mini across the whole substrate surface for a clean & simple look. What do people think of my hardscape layout & plant choice? (photo attached) Any ideas or...
  26. Ryan Young

    Using two filters...

    Hi all, I have a 200L planted tank and am currently using a fluval 306 which I believe is not powerful enough. I managed to grab a bargain on a new eheim ecco pro 2036 and would like to use this alongside the fluval 306 by connecting the 306's outlet to the eheims inlet. As this is a new filter...
  27. Ryan Young

    External filters for 30 liter Cube

    Hi all, So I purchased a Dennerle Aqua Cube 30 today from Gumtree, the tank is awesome- clean & fancy. Might have to buy a new bulb for the 11w cause it seems a bit dull and everyone i spoke to said it was bright. Anyway... I set it all up for a fishless cycle then to be scaped but the Dennerle...
  28. Staticrzr

    90cm tank - two filter tank output arrangement

    I'm going to upgrade from my 60cm tank to a 90 x 40 x 40 tank. I am curently running a eheim experience 250 filter for my tank trough a lily pipe outflow. I'm currently pumping co2 trough a tropica 3in1 diffuser. What Eheim model should i be buying? What kind of arrangement for the inflow and...
  29. LukeDaly

    STILL have flow issues... :(

    Hello Guys, Still running the Dennerle Scapers tank with the Fluval 306 and Gush Lily Pipes (Inlet & Outlet) and I think I am still getting flow issues. I am getting what I believe is Black-brush algae growing around some areas of the wood mostly the back. This is really starting to put a...
  30. Sakij7

    Too much filter?

    Is the Cascade 1000 too much filter for a 20 gallon tank? It cycles 265 gph, and comes with a spray bar, so im hoping that it will make a big difference in flow/nutrient distribution. If it is too much id go for the 700 at 185 gph. Cascade 1000...
  31. jsiegmund

    Two filter set-up

    Hi all, First of all: I realize that the question I'm about to ask has been asked before and I've done some reading already. But I wanted to ask your advise on my specific situation. At the moment, I'm running my 240L tank on a JBL e901 greenline filter which does 900l/hr. I am adding CO2...
  32. K

    Diffuser Position

    Hi all, Just wanted your thoughts. I have a Juwel Rio 180 with the internal Juwel filter. I currently have a glass diffuser that sits under my Hydor powerhead. This does a good job of chopping up the bubbles and spitting them out. What I wanted to ask was, would it be better to have the...
  33. A

    Ebay ADA like Superjet filters

    Hi everyone, I am setting up a new tank (dennerle scapers tank) and was looking at these stainless steel, ada like, filters on ebay. Actually there are two different companies making these (both links below). Obviously they are a good deal cheaper than the ADA equivalents but from the photos and...
  34. Robbie X

    Confused about filter for 28L N. guentheri low tech tank

    Hi guys, please forgive me constantly posting but I'm trying to absorb as much info as possible. I just read an article that stated you should not use a sponge filter with air pump in a planted tank as the bubbles remove CO2 from the water, which in turn deprives the plants of the needed CO2. I...
  35. Kyle Lambert

    DIY or not to DIY....

    That is the question.... ive contemplated all sorts of ways i could do a DIY external filter and ive come across a way i think would work for my 60l tank, theres one problem however.... can i be bothered to plan it, source all the parts and then build the bugger? Ive figured i could make one...
  36. RolyMo

    Nano or Sponge Filter

    Hi Guys & Gals I am a couple of months into my new shrimp tank which is populated with plants and CRS and all doing well. The nano tank I got came with a Dennerle nano filter which has worked well to date. It silently ripples the water surface in my low tech tank. Oxygen is supplied by a...
  37. David Glavin

    Silica Sand

    Hi everyone, New to the forum and wondering if I have already made a mistake, last month I set up my RIO 240 with the intention of it being a planted discus tank, I bought a 1400l per hour external with a uv light from all pond and it's been cycling since. However the tank came with some silver...
  38. Kyle Lambert

    BOYU external canister filter

    So i had used BOYU products in the past with mixed results but i recently came across this little number on ebay recently... External Canister aquarium filter BOYU EF-05 media nano 150L/H | eBay price wise its perfect for me and itll be a nice fit for my 60l tank providing extra filtration...
  39. Kelvine

    Filter media, Which is best?

    Hi, I've recently (some might say upgraded too, but that's another post ;) ) changed from a fluval fx5 to an eheim 7078e, the fx5 wasted alot of space with spounges, so not much bio media. Leaving quite a void in the new filter, ive ordered some purigen to hive a try. Just wondering what you...
  40. weasel

    What the best filter to have on a planted tank

    Just wondering, as the title says, what filters the best to have on a planted tank, i know externally but what type and what media,and what cleaning routines are people doing..