1. C

    Clear Vinyl tubing for the filter.

    Hello, I am just wondering if clear vinyl tubing from the hardware store is safe for planted tanks? I plan to use it on my fluval 406 to go to the lily pipes. Thanks!
  2. Goose157

    £200 to spend on external filter what should i get??

    Hi all, It’s my birthday at the end of the month and i will have £200-£250 to spend on a canister..... This is one of the items i will use on my next tank....200-300 litres i am planning ever so slowly (lol) Anyway i have been reading lots of reviews and watching endless videos on many...
  3. adamt4050

    Nano Aquarium with Fluval G3?

    Hello All, I'm thinking of buying a Do! Aqua 25x25x25(cm) Nano aquarium for my desktop and Im just planning everything out and exploring my options - I have an unused Fluval G3 sat in my attic gathering dust, I was wondering if I would be ale to use it on my desktop setup. Obviously its quite...
  4. A

    Ebay ADA like Superjet filters

    Hi everyone, I am setting up a new tank (dennerle scapers tank) and was looking at these stainless steel, ada like, filters on ebay. Actually there are two different companies making these (both links below). Obviously they are a good deal cheaper than the ADA equivalents but from the photos and...