1. C

    New Planted Tank Construction Advice

    Hi....I am in the planning stages of ordering my first tank for aquascaping. It will be 100cm x 55cm base, 30cm deep at the front sloping up to 46cm at the back. The idea is to have a mainly planted aquarium ( freshwater tropical ) with a very low density of small shoaling fish added at a later...
  2. dw1305

    A novel filter media: Broken earthen pot pieces

    Hi all, While I was looking at the RAS and Archaea references I came upon this paper Khangembam et al. (2017) <"Diversity and Abundance of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria and Archaea in a Freshwater Recirculating Aquaculture System"> HAYATI Journal of Biosciences 24:4 pp. 215-220. It didn't add...
  3. Majsa

    Aeration in QT tank

    Hi all, Recovering from a disaster with new fish (I had a thread on this a couple of weeks ago), I am in the process of setting up a quarantine/hospital/spare tank. Actually I am not sure if a QT tank is the way to go but I didn't like the trouble with the main tank either. I am not in a hurry...
  4. Zak Rafik

    Planted tank sump design - need your feedback. :-)

    Hi everyone, I'm in the midst of setting up a new tank 120 US gal / 455 litres and would like to use a sump for the filtration system.:) I have googled for ideas for fresh water sumps setups and most of the results are for marine tank and even then all most freshwater sump photos are not...
  5. dw1305

    Interesting blog

    Hi all, There is a planted tank enthusiast who has recently started posting on <"Apistogramma forums">. He has <"a blog">, where he discusses problems with plants like Ludwigia sedoides, that I think might be of interest to many members here. I had a quick "google", and his day job is as a...
  6. JackMartins

    Canister for a 60x35x35 planted tank

    Good morning all! How are you today? I would like a suggestion on filtration perspective for the tank I´m planning. It will be a planted tank 60x35x35cm(~73.5L / ~19.3 Gallons), running CO2, high LED lighting, ADA substrate and liquid fertilization. Which Canister would be the best cost...
  7. Aqua Hero

    best method to prim a new fluval 405

    how do you prim a new fluval 405. people say dont fill it with water where other say fill it with water. i honestly have no idea. first time using a canister
  8. Aqua Hero

    What do you guys think about this stocking

    okay firstly im new to this forum but for the past few months i have be reading and learning alot about the new things im trying to do. i have been in the hobby for 10 years so i know all the cycling and stuff. i wanted to know whether the stocking im doing it okay cause i havent stocked this...
  9. Zak Rafik

    Can an external canister filter be run with a separate pump? :-)

    Hi guys,:) Need your advice / input for my planted tank. I have read many posts here where having the spray bar length wise, especially for big tanks (pointing back to front of tank) creates: 1. Better flow in the tank 2. More efficient distribution of nutrients to plants. 3. More efficient...
  10. John P Coates

    JBL CristalProfi i60, 80, 100, 200 - a novel design?

    Hi Folks, I use a JBL CristalProfi i100 filter in my 125l tank. This is a very discrete internal design. This model has three baskets filled with the media of the user's choice. So, you could put mechanical filtration in one basket, biological filtration in another and chemical filtration in...