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  1. Courtneybst

    Glass Catfish Experience

    Hey everyone, I'm interested to know if anyone has experience keeping glass catfish, particularly Kryptopterus Minor. I see a lot of basic care information online but very little personal experiences. I especially like to hear from UKAPS members, and that's normally what I search for first...
  2. AlexFeather

    Trying to find Pygmy sunfish

    Does anybody know of any shops or breeders that are selling pygmy sunfish (Elassoma evergladi) very interested in getting a pair but struggling to find them for sale anywhere.
  3. Mullen88

    Black patch on green neon tetra

    I have 9 green neon tetra in a 55L tank. The fish have been in there between 3 and 4 weeks and all has seemed fine. Yesterday whilst watching them feed my partner noticed a black spot on the side of one of them. I've googled everything I can think of and can't really find anything so thought I'd...
  4. Sara_Notfors

    Help! Free Laetacara curviceps to Edinburgh residents!

    Hi, In the late summer I purchased what I thought was a pair of smiling acara (Laetacara curviceps), but it turns out one is a red breasted Accra (Laetacara dorsigera). When they were first added they bred almost immediately, but were unsuccessful. They tried a few more times, but nothing came...
  5. Christoffer

    How many fish can I buy at the same time?

    So i have a long way to the fish shop, I want to buy as many as possible at the same time, can I buy 4 Amano Shrimp, 1 Honey gourami, 4 Panda Corys, and put them in my 50 liters quarantine tank I do have a lot of bio Media in the quarantine tank like 1 liter, I'm just worrying about ammonia...
  6. Paul Lane

    Hello from Emsworth

    Hi all, new to this site. I have been an avid pond keeper for many years, moved in my new place and now got kids so having a pond are out of the picture,so now got fish tank, and going down the road of aquascape tank with a few fish. Fish tank is up and running just waiting to buy Co2 set up to...
  7. N

    Fluval Spec V

    Hello everyone. Just mulling over a Fluval Spec V, 19 litre tank for my desk at the office. Problem being that I am in the office Wednesday, Friday, odd Mon or Tuesday. Does anyone think managing this is doable? Thinking perhaps, no CO2, just the Fluval setup without a heater as the office will...
  8. B

    Plecos and shrimp

    Hi I have 2 bristlenose catfish plecos along with fish, I was wondering opinions on having some blue shrimp in there too. Will they have enough food in the tank for them both and as long as I give them tubes and stuff to hide in/under they should be reasonably safe with the fish
  9. jaypeecee

    How Much CO2 Do Fish Produce?

    Hi Everyone, OK, I realize that my question is not easy to answer and I'm not looking for a definitive reply. But, does anyone have any idea how much CO2 fish produce - either by excretion from the gills, urine or faeces? Indeed, which of these three would account for most of the CO2 produced...
  10. Daalamist

    What else do I need for fish?

    It’s my first fish tank and it’s a 5 gallon low tech with Tetra plant substrate and will be planting dwarf hairgrass then hopefully introducing small fish. I haven’t added any of these things yet it’s all just rock. I’ve learned a few things to help about fish so far but I don’t want to miss...
  11. DutchMuch

    TryHard Dutch Aquascape (Ukaps Edition!)

    Hey there guys welcome to my journal, I figured i'd make one on here since I have one on just about every other forum. I am currently in the progress of creating a Dutch Aquascape, this of course is a work in progress as I am currently working on dialing down fertilization methods that are on...
  12. Kezzab

    Something a bit different

    Out with the nets today for a spot of fishing, minnows, tiny trout, cray fish and, a new one for me, a Brook Lamprey. Never seen one before.
  13. Glenda Steel

    Advice on temporary homing fish/inverts

    I am planning to re-scape our tank but will need to have temporary accommodation for the fish (5 Endler's Guppy, 1 Danio, 5 Amano shrimp and 5 Nerite snails. I was already thinking of setting up a second tank and thought that this may be a good temporary home. I envisage it will take a couple...
  14. MrHammonds

    Fish for my new 180l Tropical - Soft Water

    Hello! So, I've got the new tank planted and set up, just in the process of waiting for it to cycle (with seeded media.) I went for a tropica substrate capped with a 2-4mm rounded gravel on top, was going to go full biotope but did so much research that I eventually talked myself out of doing...
  15. Kezzab

    Most effective fungal treatment?

    Morning, In your experience what's the most effective treatment for 'cottonwool' fungus? I've used API Pimafix but it does not appear to have been effective (7 days dose, 10 days on fish is still affected). Thanks k
  16. Majsa

    What's happening to my M Kubotai...?

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, I really wished I could have started with a happier subject. And sorry for the long post.. I have about a 4-5 month old Eheim Proxima 175L (70x50x50 cm) with: Plants: Java Fern, Anubias, Vallisneria, mosses and some crypto's Ferts: EI + EasyCarbo...
  17. angelacalvilo

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, I am Angela from LA. I was an aquarist one years ago and kept a nano tank in my room. I wrote about freshwater tank on my blog, That's my blog ~>> AQUASCAPER.ORG I hope i get more knowledge about freshwater tank from this forum and having new friends who love freshwater tanks :)
  18. Kakarot

    Amazon feature fish? (not angels)

    Hey all! I'll be cycling my tank very shortly so i still have some time to decide...but I need some help from some wiser and more experienced fish keepers. I'd like to set up an Amazon themed aquarium, I have a 92 long x 50 high x 36 deep cm aquarium and i'd like a fish to contrast a shoal of...
  19. SeanOB

    Bioload calculators & stocking suggestions

    What do we think of these bioload/fish stock calculators? Can they be trusted? This is my planned list for my ADA60F so far: AqAdvisor Matura List 1 I will be adding these in groups, gradually to monitor my filters reaction to the extra load.... Shrimp are in already. Would any of you...
  20. AKD594

    Boraras Rasbora spp. Show me what you've got, any advice for the prospective keeper?

    Hi Guys Thinking of picking up some Boraras rasbora spp. in the next few months and thought I'd do some homework. Just looking for any little bits of advice for the prospective keeper. Also being a bit nosey so would love to see any photos you might have of them/their tanks. Thanks in advance
  21. Kezzab

    What's wrong with this fish????

    Came back from work, one of the WCMM is in a state, clearly dying. Removed it and dispatched it. Any ideas what's happened? No other fish showing any signs of distress. It was 18 months in the tank. Cause for concern or just one of them things?
  22. Staticrzr

    Otto fish not swimming/hardly eating anything

    Good evening guys. I have a 100l planted tank where i have 18 neons, 2 SAE, 12 RCS and i recently added(1 and a half week ago) 3 ottos. I bought 4, but one died during transport(2.5 hours drive). My water parameters are good, the other fish are perfectly fine, but since the moment i added them...
  23. oddn0ise

    Holiday fish feeders

    Does anyone have a good recommendations for a 7-day fish feeder. The JBL looks good but I have a braced tank with a low lid and looks like it will be too big and bulky. Any helpers?
  24. Deer

    Stocking suggestions for "open" 60l 45x45 cube?

    I was originally planning on moving my Chili Rasporas and smattering of otos and cherry shrimp from my nano once it is dismantled into this tank, however I've decided to keep the nano up and running! So any suggestions for this now empty tank? It won't have a great deal of cover as I'm mainly...
  25. Aqua Hero

    where to buy pygmy hatchet fish in london?

    does anyone know where i can buy pygmy hatchet fish in london or any online uk site?
  26. Aqua Hero

    Fish as c02 source for plants

    if you have the right amount of fish for you tank can they provide enough c02 for the plants to survive? in this case that plants arent very demanding
  27. Manu

    Adding the first fish into a new tank

    Hi, It seems that everyone agrees on this forum that testing the water is useless as the tests are not accurate enough, giving false readings. So, how do you when it is safe to add fish into a brand new set up tank? Sorry for what might seem like a stupid question, I'm new to this great...
  28. Aqua Hero

    What do you guys think about this stocking

    okay firstly im new to this forum but for the past few months i have be reading and learning alot about the new things im trying to do. i have been in the hobby for 10 years so i know all the cycling and stuff. i wanted to know whether the stocking im doing it okay cause i havent stocked this...
  29. AceCreamSoda

    Advice on the Juwel Rio 180...

    Hi all! I'm getting a new 180 litre Juwel Rio in about a month and I was just planning what fish and decor I will eventually put in. I am quite a novice, but I've had experience with a 10gal before. I would think I could put in: -8 Cardinal Tetras -6 Platies -6-8 Amano or Cherry Shrimp I was...
  30. Kyle Lambert

    potential job for a fish shop. what sort of salary should I expect?

    Ive applied for a management position at a fish shop in my local area. They deal in everything fish related but also have a small mammals and bird section. They have two shops. One in my local area and another about 60 mikes away in London. I will be expected to travel to and manage both stores...
  31. J

    Shrimp Safe Fish

    I've seen this thread go up many times, but I'm hoping I can gain some suggestions.. I have CRS in a 91 litre long tank, I have always had neon tetra, endlers live bearers, corys, mosquito rasbora and samurai gourami in with them - The adult shrimp have never been harmed, but the babys I don't...
  32. M

    LFKC Feb 10th 2013 Meet

    London Fish Keeping Club are hosting a meet. Date : Sunday 10th Feb Time : 1pm til 4pm Location : N2, East Finchley. 8-10min walk from station. As per usual there will be food and drink supplied, as well as plants and equipment to be exchanged. Feel free to bring anything you like...
  33. iPlantTanks

    Welcome to the Jungle

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the UKAPS forum but I consider myself a devoted fish and plant keeper. Anyway here's my main tank, 95 litre open top Jungle layout, powered by 20W's of GU10 LED and injected with pressurized CO2. Home to numerous community fish and a few red cherry shrimp, about...
  34. AverageWhiteBloke

    Resolved! Couple of teething problems

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before. Does anyone get an error message saying can't post this with various reasons why not but when you look the post has been added? Also I get logged out now and again even though I have ticked stay logged in, usually when going between pages.