floating plants

  1. Jake101

    Floating plants and PAR

    Hi, I have just redecorated my low-tech, and have only floating plants. These plants are categorised to have "medium" light needs, so I would like to have a some kind of an idea of a suitable PAR range on the surface. Also, I am happy to hear any experiences of floating plants which adapt...
  2. Hyoscine

    Gas exchange (when your tank is wall-to-wall with floating plants)

    Hey, sorry if this has been asked before, but is it potentially problematic to have a complete coverage of floating plants? I've got good circulation in my small bedside tank, but practically zero water surface. I'm hoping to hear it's fine as I really like how it looks, but I'll be adding some...
  3. chris_cotton23

    ID for salvinia please?

    hello everyone!i started with a handful of floating plants but now it is covered over of 75% and i want to sell some on ebay but i am trying to identify a salivinia! can you tell me what plants can you see in the photo please? i know that i have "Amazon Frogbite" -- "Salvinia MInima"---"...