flourish excel

  1. Jimbo1981

    Liquid Carbon Overdose Signs?

    Hi I'm pretty new to the aquascape scene and just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to know whether or not i'm overdosing the tank using Liquid Carbon. The CO2 Gas type looked a bit "Pro" for my needs, but after much reading i may end up going down that route anyway. For now, i have...
  2. scoobiemandan

    Stag Horn Algae....arggghhhh!

    I seem to be having a problem with unhealthy plants and stag horn algae in my aquarium which I can't seem to eradicate! First off; Tank specifications - Fluval Roma 240 Lighting - T8 40w x2 (Power Glo and Aqua Glow) Daily photoperiod - Currently 6 hours split 50/50 (3 hour gap) CO2 - Liquid...
  3. Zak Rafik

    Flourish Excel & Amano shrimps

    Hi When I started my 4 ft / 300lt planted tank in July 2014, I had about 18 Amano shrimps. Just before mid October, I still had a nice population of shrimps even after accounting for occasional AWOLs ( aka jumping out the tank in the middle of the night;)) As I had a outbreak of BBA and other...