fluval ebi

  1. mafoo

    30L Fluval Ebi

    I thought I'd start a journal as it goes along. 30L fluval ebi. Substrate: 1 Bag stock fluval shrimp stratum, 1 bag Colombia Florabase Hardscape: Bogwood Plants: No idea. So far Bobilis Deformis, a little fissidens fontamus and some mini pelia on the bogwood. Rough Hardscape...
  2. mafoo

    External Filter for 30L Cube

    I've got myself a 30L Fluval ebi. Its a nice tank (yay glass) but the stock filter defiantly makes a racket - and takes up precious space. Im thinking of either getting a Boyu EF-05 or using the Eheim Classic 2213 that i have coming tomorrow that i bought because i really couldn't turn it...
  3. mafoo

    Fluval Ebi Suggestions

    Hey all I recently bought a Fluval Ebi for rather cheap and i was wonder what planting suggestions people had for plants and hardscape. I think I'm going to try and have the substrate sloped - going to see what MAs in west london have in stock. Not sure if i should go for soil or get some...