fluval flex

  1. Protopigeon

    Shrimp-proofing the Fluval flex 57L filter section

    Hey folks I hope you're all safe and well I've had a Fluval 57L Flex set up for a while and my Crystal Reds are breeding well. However, during a recent water-change I noticed a few juvenile shrimplets in the first and second chambers (from left to right). I managed to fish them out with a tiny...
  2. Mark.A

    Godswood - my personal paradise.

    After planning a large 4x2x2 planted tank with sump system I have now had a change of mind. I’m going to have multiple smaller planted tanks instead! :D This has also meant that I can setup the first one straight away. I have already started ordering everything with a couple of things arriving...
  3. jcspotless

    57L Fluval Flex setup: Dec 2018

    Hi, I am newly returning to fish keeping after I would guess a twenty year gap. Its surprising both how much has changed and at the same time how much remains the same. I am in the process of setting up a 57L Fluval Flex. Change no.1: I don't believe this style of tank existed twenty years ago...