1. Jimbo1981

    Anyone Want Some Free Cherry Shrimp?

    Hi All, My cherry shrimp seem to bread like rabbits, i've already given away several batches to friends and family, but the numbers are building up again. Thought i would see if anyone on here in the Middlesex area would like some? No charge, just need to arrange a suitable time to come and...
  2. AshleyAttwood

    Can People Help Me With Free Plants And Moss Cuttings.

    Hey Good evening people, I am looking for kind people to help me out with free (plants/moss/cherry shrimp) any specimens would be great, i am not looking for a lot just a a little bit to get me going. I had a tank but i was out for the week and got back and the tank empty out onto my floor and...
  3. Aqua Essentials

    Who wants a free bottle of Bromo Blue?

    All you have to do is purchase our new drop checker and you get it for free!