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  1. F

    Dry start wood mould

    Hi all, simple question really (hopefully). I have some small bits of wood that I am dry starting in a very humid closed terrarium, it has developed a fuzz like mould or fungus all over one side. Could this hurt Java Moss or Anubis? Could it hurt any of the other semi aquatic aquarium plants...
  2. Nathanh2150

    Should I be concerned? Best way to treat ?

    Woke up this morning to find this on my newly established fish tank it only seems to be on one part of my bog wood. The bog wood was soaked for a couple of days to remove tanning also I have been doing daily water changes around 50% have had co2 going into the tank. Any help and advice would be...
  3. Manuel Arias

    Serious problem with a new plated aquarium

    Dear all, First of all, thank you very much for all your comments and support. Even before signing up to this forum, I have been reading you, as many nice advices and comments are found here, so good work done by all of you. I am new in terms of planted aquariums as this is the first tank of...