1. K

    White Algae or Fungus??

    Hi all, I have this growing on my java moss.... No matter how much I clean it off it grows back. Its on my wood and java moss. I think its fungus, I've had it for weeks, its relentless. How do I get rid off it? It doesnt grow anywhere else in the tank, only here.
  2. Martin in China

    Moss balls (wabi kusa)

    I'm trying to grow some moss balls with moss I collected (looks like Java moss) and some left over plants I had in my propagator. The balls are filled stockings with some ADA substrate and stones, wrapped spaghnum and (Java) moss around it and tight the plants on top of that covering their roots...
  3. Glenda Steel

    Our very first tank - the Fluval Edge 46 litre!

    I am hesitant in posting these photo's at all as there are so many expert tanks on show here, but I hope you'll forgive the novice blunders (and my terrible photography)! Our tank is as follows: - Tank: Fluval Edge 46 litre (12 Us gallons), no additional lighting but an E series Fluval heater...