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george farmer

  1. George Farmer

    Aquarium Design Group YouTube playlist

    Hi all, Following my recent trip to the US I created a playlist of the videos I create during my time at ADG. Despite the US having many more challenges getting consistent good quality and variety of aquarium plants compared with Europe these guys are really leading the way in aquascaping over...
  2. Amn3siac

    Hello from Beckenham!

    Hi all, So I'm a lapsed aquarist, who has been on hiatus for the last few years. I previously had a low tech, no Co2 tank with crypts, swords, Val and Nymphea (https://imgur.com/a/BjofNle). That was very successful (maybe too successful - I'm looking at you Jungle Val!), but now I'm ready, and...
  3. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    So I've spent an inordinate amount of time considering what tank I'd want for upgrading from my 45P. Starting out considering a 60P, from there on fantasizing about 90Ps and 120Ps (ignoring the fact that my floors seems to be made of custard). Back to the 60P as an immediate upgrade. Then I was...
  4. Paul Ballantine


    Good Morning All Hope everyone is well. Been keeping fish for a long time and this is my first step into the world of plant keeping or aquascaping. I've been inspired by watching George Farmer on YouTube and looking forward to the journey ahead. Regards Paul
  5. Richard Swales

    Iwagumi Layout

    Hi, Picked up some rocks for my Sanzon Iwagumi today, pretty happy with them, but can't decide on a placement layout. I liked this one (see pic) but something just isn't quite right, can any body spot something that might help me? Perhaps I need more rocks to go with these three, possibly...
  6. George Farmer

    George visits Dennerle

    Hi all, Here's a video summarising my trip to Dennerle in Germany recently. I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  7. George Farmer

    George's new vlog series on YouTube

    Hi all, This is my first ever vlog! I hope you like it. It's a different style to my usual videos. The production level is lower (recorded on iPad with minimal editing) but it's a more relaxed style and insight into my life as an aquascaper. Please give me ideas for future vlogs and I'll...
  8. George Farmer

    How to aquascape a nano aquarium

  9. George Farmer

    How to plant a low-maintenance Nature Aquarium

    The video says it all... :)
  10. George Farmer

    Insularium - Exclusive first sight

    The video explains (nearly) everything, hopefully...
  11. George Farmer

    I love BBA

    A lot of discussion about BBA, which is great... Sometimes it can look good. Funnily enough this is the only area in the tank with it. choc2 by George Farmer, on Flickr
  12. CooKieS

    Iwagumi 45x30x30 'rock'n roll'

    Hi everyone, Forget my bad english, I'm french. :D Here's my second aquascape (first one was an messy fluval edge) and my first iwagumi; My inspiration was George Farmer's incredible iwagumi 'one pot challenge', mixed with some mountain scape. Specs: -Equipement: -optiwhite tank 45x30x30...
  13. George Farmer

    Same style of aquascape, after 10 years of practice...

    Hi all, Almost 10 years ago I created a low-maintence aquascape - mainly ferns, Anubis and crypts. Today I took the final shot of my latest 'scape - mainly ferns, Anubis and crypts. Note the difference. Mainly use of hardscape, open foreground and more complex textures. I thought it was an...
  14. George Farmer

    Superfish Home 80 - Step-by-step video

    Hi all This is my first attempt at a step-by-step video. I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  15. George Farmer

    When things don't go to plan... - Day 28 update

    Hi all, I thought I'd share this video with you all after some of the comments I've received asking "how do you do it?" etc. I'm by no means a perfect plant grower! I have issues with my aquascapes and plants as much as the next man. Perseverance and patience are usually all it takes to...
  16. George Farmer

    Journal My best low-tech 'scape so far

    Hi all, I thought I'd post a quick photo of my Superfish Expert 70. No CO2 or liquid carbon. Occasional ferts (Colombo Pro) and Colombo Pro Soil. Internal filter and It hasn't had a water change in 3 months. Plants are mostly crypts, buces, Rotata and some Anubias, Cyperus. Incredibly low...
  17. Andy Thurston

    George Farmer At destination aquatics

    Hi Folks I was in Destination Aquatics In Milton Keynes last weekend and was told that George Farmer was doing a talk at the end of the month. So I checked around and found out the correct details and found out that he will be starting his talk at around 1pm on the 31st of October. Who's going?
  18. George Farmer

    Superfish Expert 70

    Hi all I set this up about 7 weeks ago. To be honest wasn't sure about the lighting - it measured 5 umol at the substrate! However, all the plants are growing and I'm even getting red R. rotundifolia! Using Colombo range (soil, ferts, liquid CO2), non-CO2 gas injection. Aquafleur plants.
  19. James Fawkes

    George Famer @ Maidenhead Leicester - Update

    Hi, So I had the pleasure of attending this event yesterday. Was a really nice morning, and was great to meet George and Maurits. The tank looked awesome and had some really cool plants, my favorite being Bucephalendra (I think that's the name). Only got a few snaps because I had to rush off...
  20. George Farmer

    NA 65cm - Slow Burner

    Hi all, My latest 65cm aquascape. More videos and pics coming soon... :)
  21. George Farmer

    Superfish Home 60

    Hi all, I recently set up this little tank. Quite an impressive all-in-one system suitable for beginners. I'll update videos every week and post photos as and when.
  22. George Farmer

    My current 'scapes - 65cm NA and 30cm cube

    Hi all, I thought I'd post pics of my current 'scapes before I tear them down soon and create some new layouts. Both have been featured fairly recently in PFK magazine although they've been re-scaped a little. The first is a Natural Aquario 65x40x45cm. I set it up as a sub-tropical set-up and...
  23. George Farmer

    30cm - The Cube

    Hi all I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! :) Here's a few shots of my home tank, a 30cm cube. It's been set up for a few months and is surprisingly low maintenance. I'm not using CO2 injection but add liquid carbon and Tropica Specialised daily, 1ml each. I...
  24. George Farmer

    New full-time career in aquatics

    Dear all, It's with a great sense of excitement that I announce a change in full-time career from the Armed Forces to the aquatic industry. From 1 April 2014 I will be the AquaGro Brand Manager for Tropical Marine Centre (TMC). The role is very diverse and there are some extremely exciting...
  25. George Farmer

    George's 65cm Natural Aquario

    Coming soon... :)
  26. George Farmer

    Your personal aquascaping/aquarium highlights from 2013

    Hi all, With the end of 2013 fast approaching I thought it would be interesting to share our personal planted tank and aquascaping highlights from the year. They can be anything from your own successful 'scapes, breeding fish, beating algae, new kit, new plants etc. Mine was setting up my...
  27. sussex_cichlids

    Farmers Edge 42ltr

    This is my latest tank inspired from a video that Mr Farmer made after swapping one of my 120ltr tanks for the Fluval Edge i decide to try my hand at a microscape be a nice change from doing big tank displays Equipment: Tank: Fluval Edge 42ltr Standard Filtration Standard Lights Substrate...
  28. George Farmer

    George's One-Pot Iwagumi Challenge

    Hi all, New journal time. :) Spec - Tank and Cabinet - TMC Signature Range Lighting - TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima x 2 CO2 - 2Kg FE, Dennerle reg with solenoid, 1BPS with Fluval bubble counter, Up Aqua inline diffuser Filter - Fluval G3 Substrate - 15 litres TMC nutraSoil (black) Ferts -...
  29. George Farmer

    Any runners out there?

    Hi all, Apart from aquascaping and photography I've recently (last 12 months) really go into running. I'm now the captain of my local team and we won the road race league this season! :D I've got my first half-marathon (13 miles) next Sunday - The Great Eastern Run, which I'm hoping to run...
  30. Tropica

    Pets @ Home huge planted tank projects and event.

    Hi all,:) I'd like to announce 2 projects which are coming up very soon. With Tropica being the main sponsor of the aquarium layouts, it's important these are carried out to the highest standard. We also have CED stone ltd supplying the stone, and some other major players involved in the whole...
  31. George Farmer

    George's Hillside (new Signature layout)

    Hi all, I've recently re-scaped my TMC Signature so I thought I'd start a new journal on here. Not really a groundbreaking aquascape - re-using the moss-covered Manzi from my previous two layouts that you can see here - George's TMC Signature | Page 38 | UK Aquatic Plant Society Specs -...
  32. George Farmer

    Flowers in my garden

    Hi all, It was a lovely day so I thought I'd get outside and take a few photos of some of the beautiful flowers I have in my garden. Taken with my new Canon 6D and trusted 100mm macro lens. My favourite is the yellow lily. I think the dark green background contrasts brilliantly.
  33. George Farmer

    CRS photos, including babies

    My CRS are breeding. I have about 30 babies. :) Here's a few shots of the adults and their children.
  34. George Farmer

    Moss trimming, no mess - now with video

    Hi all, I love moss. Only recently have I used it properly in aquascaping and I've realised the biggest PITA for me with it is dealing with the trimmings. They usually sink to the bottom of the tank and require siphoning. Any leftovers usually get entangled with carpeting plants and end...
  35. George Farmer

    Want to set up a display tank in your LFS?

    UKAPS member, Mark Evans, sets up a planted display tank for his local aquatic retailer (Photo - George Farmer) Recently I've been contacted by some UKAPS members that are interested in how they should go about setting up a planted display tank in their local aquatic retailer. This subject is...
  36. George Farmer

    ADA Solar I vs TMC 1500 Ultima

    Hi all, I thought I'd post two comparison photos showing the difference between the ADA Solar I metal halide with NA-Green bulb (150w, 8000K) and 2x TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima (2x 30w, 6500K). ADA Solar I ADA Solar I by George Farmer, on Flickr TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima TMC 1500 Ultima by...
  37. George Farmer

    George's "Crystal Palace" - now with HD video

    Hi all, This is my latest project. Please excuse the poor photo quality taken with my phone. Crystal Red Shrimp non-CO2 aquascape by George Farmer, on Flickr It's going to be dedicated to crystal red shrimp (CRS) and I hope to get them breeding. The tank is in my office at work. The tank...
  38. Bufo Bill

    Hear me brag, then give me advice (please)!

    Hi I have good news from my nano tank. I had planted a large piece of bog wood with mini fern and Christmas moss, the substrate was planted with interesting Crypts, and all went well for a month with the tank run as a no ferts job. Anyway, this week I had a small patch of BGA on the Christmas...
  39. George Farmer

    Canon 6D

    I think I've found my next camera. I've been longing for a full-frame DSLR for years, and now this one is relatively affordable. Canon 6D Review Almost as good as a 5D3, arguably better than a 5D2, and cheaper than both. Anyone got one or know anyone with one?
  40. George Farmer

    [IWAGUMI] Scree Evolution - The End

    The [IWAGUMI] Project Scree aquascape has evolved after almost 7 months with the original plant layout. Here's the original thread - viewtopic.php?f=35&t=12095 The hardscape concept, inspired from a mountaineering expedition to Snowdonia, Wales - To final full-tank shot - Keen to attempt...
  41. George Farmer

    George's TMC Signature

    Hi all, I'm really excited to be aquascaping again for the first time since May last year. I have a TMC Signature 60x45x30cm (clear silicone) with gloss white cabinet. I need to cut out a half moon in the cabinet side for the filter hoses because unfortunately they're not pre-cut. I did...
  42. Dan Crawford

    George Farmer is BACK!!!

    Some of you may not know but George is a Weapons Technician in the RAF. He's recently returned back from a 6 month tour of Afghanistan. Once he's spent some much needed time with his friends and family i'm sure he'll be as active as ever. Please take a minute to welcome him back and thank...