german ram

  1. akbar19942k10

    New to Reverse Osmosis

    Hi guys, I'm from London and I'm planning to pick up a RO unit from Osmostic UK for my German Blue Rams and Discus hardscape only setup. I'm currently in limbo as to whether to pick up the 3 stage freshwater unit without the deionising chamber or whether to go for the full monty 4 stage unit...
  2. Aqua Hero

    White spot on german ram

    i bought a new german ram for a pet store. he was active and the most dominate in the tank so i decided to take him. i decided to quarantine it for a while and i noticed 3 small white spots on the fish. im guessing it has white spot. the temperature is 86F and i have already done a 50% water...
  3. mark4785

    Dwarf Cichlid Seclusion (Juwel Lido 120)

    I've acquired a new Juwel Aquarium which I'd like to transform into an aqua-scape that has the feel of a naturally propagated eco system, but one which also provides sufficient space and attractions (i.e. hiding spots and burrows) for a dwarf cichlid pair named Microgeophagus Ramirezi. While I...