1. Crazy_Walrus

    Spiral glass outlet

    Hi all, I can't seem to find anywhere in the UK that sell those glass inlet pipes that slow flow down. Any ideas?
  2. P

    Glass In + Outflows

    Dear! I would like to buy a glass 17mm inflow and a glass 13mm outflow. Because I live in Hungary, I would like to order from European shop. What do you reccomend? Which company/manufacturer? Which product?
  3. Crazy_Walrus

    Chipped edges of tank

    Hi, I just bought a second hand tank for £15 but the bottom sheet is chipped in 3 places. It is possible to fill these?
  4. maboleth

    Small bubble in silicone - case of concern or no?

    During my routine tank inspection, I've noticed a very small vacuum bubble in the silicone layer. It's 0.8 mm width and about 1.1mm length. Glass is 10mm and silicone thickness is 13mm. Extreme closeup macro images: Should this cause any concern in the future? Tank is doing fine, entering...
  5. nbaker

    Glass rectangular rimless Nano around 20L

    Hi, I am looking for a rectangular glass rimless/braceless nano tank around the 20L mark. Had a good look around the web but mostly come up with cubes or acrylic tanks such as Interpet Nano LED 19L which is nice but has rounded corners and inbuilt filter both of which I am not keen on also...
  6. Ghettofarmulous

    Bubble counter glass fittings help

    Iv been having some trouble with my bubble counter since i installed it. I fill the glass with water but within a day it has passed through the NRV and down the 6 mm air line. Its a custom bubble-counter and iv been trying to find a permanent way of setting it up. I would very much like some...