1. three-fingers

    (Probaby not) Glossostigma from seed - impulse eBay buy.

    Hi all, Today I received a surprise in the mail - a wee glass bottle full of seeds. I'd forgotten impulse buying this for £1.14 on eBay about a month ago, probably after a few beers, as I'd normally avoid this type of listing. They were sold as "Glossostigma" seeds, here's the listing...
  2. C

    Glossostigma Dry Start

    Hey all, I planted some glossostigma about 10 days ago for a dry start everything going great 12 hour photo period, opening the cover a couple of times a day and misting new runners looking great. Now last night I noticed some very fine white/clear stringy stuff starting to cover patches and...
  3. GreenGrow

    Glossostigma growing up despite over 1.5 watts per liter?!

    Ive recently set up a scape which includes glossostigma as the predominant carpeting plant. It isnt over shadowed by other plants so logic would say that its getting enough light but it continues to mainly grow vertically? The specs of the tank are 30l-45 l x 25 h x 25w cm Dosing Ei and...