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  1. Zedan

    Adapting Plants After Dry Start Method

    I'd like to get opinions on this method of adapting plants to life underwater after a dry start. What are your experiences with plants adapting after dry start method? Specifically with Dwarf Hairgrass (acicularis eleocharis sp. mini), anubias, and Ludwigia Mini Super Red. Or otherwise, has...
  2. CooKieS


    Hi all, Interesting read...I think I'll stop using this stuff in my tanks... https://www.jbl.de/en/blog/detail/133/the-story-of-liquid-co2-fertilisation-the-reliability
  3. Aqua Hero

    GLUTARALDEHYDE solution good enough to grow DHG

    if i made a 1.5% solution of glutaraldehyde would that be enough to grow DHG
  4. naughtymoose

    Dosing Gluteraldehyde in larger volumes

    Hi Folks. I have a Roma 240L hobgoblins-cave. I've made improvements over the past months and am trying to make life a bit easier for myself. I've been dosing Glutaraldehyde, but, as I'm a bit shaky sometimes due to my illness, have been trying to figure out a way of making it easier. My...
  5. Jaydip

    20 G excel based planted tank

    Tank Specs- Tank size- 30" X 12" X 12",(20 USG approx.) Substrate-Ada amazonia aqua siol (12li) CO2 -Excel(Initially 1.5 ml daily now reduced to 1 ml daily) Light - 2* 36 watts PLL (later reduced to 1 *18 W PLL and 1 * 36 W PLL) for 6-7 hrs daily Filter- Internal power filter Dosing- Macro (six...
  6. M

    How much CO2 does glutaraldehyde give you?

    Recently, I have read an interesting article, where the author was speculating how much carbon (or CO2) we can gain from glutaraldehyde, and if we can use it as an equivalent substitute for pressurised CO2. I tried to do some calculations, and find out the following: The molecular formula of...