1. naughtymoose

    Dosing Gluteraldehyde in larger volumes

    Hi Folks. I have a Roma 240L hobgoblins-cave. I've made improvements over the past months and am trying to make life a bit easier for myself. I've been dosing Glutaraldehyde, but, as I'm a bit shaky sometimes due to my illness, have been trying to figure out a way of making it easier. My...
  2. ale36

    Help With Ei Dosing regime!

    hello i would like to get some help on how much Ei ferts to add to my tanks, i have bought the started kit from aquarium plant food my tanks are a 54L juwel tank with a 15w T8 tube & a 32L with a 11w arcpod light, I have mixed the salts according to this recipe: Macro Solution: Mix, Shake &...
  3. Derek Tweedie

    APS 90 litre

    Hi guys Thought I would start a new journal since I got a nice tank for Christmas. The tank is an All Pond Solutions 90 litre. Note to people looking at getting one of these put the filter in the cabinet before you place the tank as it doesn't fit through two doors,luckily the tank was empty...