1. Ryan Young

    Chocolate Gourami in community tank?

    Hi all, Have been thinking about getting a new set of fish in my aquarium which is an open topped 200L tank with 7 harlequin rasbora and 6 copper rasbora and has two filters running (fluval 306 and eheim ecco pro. I have kept gouramis in the past with success and frequent bubblenests but was...
  2. Pricey32


    Anybody suffering an casualties due to this current uk heatwave? Lost one of my gorgeous orange and blue dwarf gouramis earlier. No obvious signs of disease and my parameters were fine the. I checked the temperature of my tank... Wow 30 degrees +.... Unplugged my heater for a while and doin a...
  3. T

    Pearl Gouramis

    Gourami's in general are one of favorite fish which I plan to stock along with rainbows when I get my 300/400L tank in the next house but has any one had experience of keeping multiply males in the same tank?
  4. greenink

    259L bookcase rebirth

    Starting my second tank... Journal will be a slow build as am waiting for various pieces on order. But I’ve learnt that planning things properly, and taking time to get it right, is the best way to go. Hoping for help in thinking it through! Comments and advice on my other journal have been...