1. Crazy_Walrus

    Gravel choice for corydoras

    Hi guys and gals, Will Cory catfish be ok in this gravel, don't want Thier beautiful moustache to be damaged
  2. MrHammonds

    Fish for my new 180l Tropical - Soft Water

    Hello! So, I've got the new tank planted and set up, just in the process of waiting for it to cycle (with seeded media.) I went for a tropica substrate capped with a 2-4mm rounded gravel on top, was going to go full biotope but did so much research that I eventually talked myself out of doing...
  3. Pricey32

    Need some tank maintence advice

    Hey guys Currently im running a 125l juwel tank with the bioflow with gravel & plants Im doing my maintence roughly every 2-3 weeks, but what sprang to mind is when im siphoning my tank should i really being trying to get the bits of crap burried underneath or should i be concentration more...
  4. steveridesbikes

    Karlie Flamingo Aquarium Gravel

    I'd like to draw your attention to this substrate: It comes in gravel (black and brown) and sand varieties. It's received good reviews on Amazon...
  5. Geraint

    Unipac Micro Gravel

    I’ve used about 12kg of Unipac Black Micro Gravel on top of my JBL nutrient substrate for my first ever tank (50 gallon, 3 foot long). I picked this gravel because the smaller sized grains seem to be what’s recommended for plants, and it looks nice and more natural than the more larger gravel...
  6. Jake Senior

    Help!!!!...The more I read the more I become confused.

    Please help!!!!!....I have 10 fantastic boesemani rainbow fish and I want to create a lush planted 300 litre tank for them (I wasn't planning on using CO2). Ideally ph neutral-7.5. I currently use Bristol tap water, not as hard a London water but is alkaline (TDS ranges 200/260). I was...