green water

  1. fono555

    Cloudy water

    Hi my tank is little cloudy when I look from the side or from the top. It’s hard to say if it’s more green or white. Any idea why I do not have crystal clear water? Here is the spec of the tank: Age of the tank: 8 weeks The room of the aquarium if very bright, but there is no direct sunlight...
  2. Glenda Steel

    Does green water matter if you don't keep fish?

    We have recently built a small pond (180cm x 130cm x 50cms deep - 635 litres) which we originally intended to be a simple reflection pool (dark still water not too deep), we now have added a small fountain for ambient noise (and keep gnats and mosquitoes at bay). It's a modern rectangle (black)...
  3. tsze001

    CRS help

    Hi all, I'm new to shrimp keeping and is having problem keeping crs alive, at the moment the tank has a slight hazy white/green water and several crs has died. Tank: 38cm(W)*23cm(D)*27cm(H) roughly 20Litres Substrate: ADS amazonia power. Plant: HC Cuba carpeted whole tank, growing well and some...