1. jaypeecee

    Cyanobacteria Identification - At Last!

    Hi Folks, Like many other aquarists, I have had cyanobacteria (aka 'BGA') grow in my tanks. And I started reading about this stuff. Of course, I initially thought BGA was algae. Why else would it be known as BGA (Blue-Green Algae)? But I later discovered that it's not an algae at all. It's a...
  2. FJK_12

    ADA 60p

    Hey everyone, here is my new 60p I have just set up. I have always been inspired by the classic nature aquarium style and have been collecting materials for a concave layout for a few months now. Managed to get some good deals on second hand ADA equipment for almost the full setup too. Blank...
  3. razvaa

    New start - 70x35x40

    After I had american cichlids for 2 years I decidec that I want a planted tank again, so it will be a nature aquarium. I started this setup 2 days ago. some specs Tank - 70x35x40 Lighting - 2x24w 6500k Filter - Tetratec ex 600 CO2 - citric acid and baking soda 1BPS, UP inline atomizer Substrate...