1. Smithyithy

    Thoughts on my water parameters

    Hi All, Day 9 with my nano tank, I've just done a test of my water parameters (first one) to see how the cycle is progressing, and I'm not sure what to make of the results: Nitrate - 80 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Ammonia - 2.5 ppm pH - 7.2 KH - 150 GH - 180 I am using the API test strips, which I...
  2. L

    Boraras urophthalmoides with high water hardness

    Hello all, What are your experiences keeping Boraras in hard water? Did any of you get them to breed? Water hardness is high in my area, around 20 dGH. I know that they are supposed to be kept in water with low hardness, but then again I hear that this is overrated for many fish. For what it's...
  3. jaypeecee

    Choosing Aquarium Plants For Soft And/Or Hard Water

    Hi Folks, I very recently got myself a copy of Diana Walstad's book, Ecology of the Planted Aquarium. In this book, Diana Walstad discusses plants that are suitable for soft vs hard water. Plant requirements on plant labels may specify lighting, temperature and CO2 requirements. But, they don't...
  4. D

    Tiger Shrimp water parameters: tap & tank inconsistency

    Good evening all, I've kept Tiger Shrimp a few years back in regular tap water and they lived for a year or so but didn't breed, and I want to do it right this time. My current setup has been running for a month and a half. It's a planted 40x40x30 filled up to about 12cm (18-20 litres) with...
  5. Kyle Lambert

    rocks that soften water?

    Hey there ladies and gentlemen. Im looking to get back into the game soon (and have eyed up a freaking lovely 135l tank with which to do so) and i have the misfortune of living in a hard water area. If i could afford the RO kit id be going for it without question but its not an option for me. I...