1. Kalum

    Nano Jungle - Flexi Mini - fully planted

    So sticking with my film themed journals I bought this tank a few days ago for a bit of fun. It will be a caridina shrimp tank and I'm facing my nemesis by trying a carpet scape again after failing 3 times previously Won't be anything fancy and still deciding on background plants (if any) so...
  2. J

    16l Iwagumi-Dry Start

    Tank: 16l Clearseal Lighting: TMC Mini LED 400 Filter: Fluval Edge HOB Heater: None CO2: JBL ProFlora u500 Hardscape: Dragon Stone Plants: Micranthemum micranthemoides, Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' and Fissidens fontanus. I put this tank together last year with items I had boxed away...
  3. L

    80 X 45 X 45 Lighting Questions

    I'm going to be purchasing a 80 x 45 x 45cm, rimless, 162 litre / 35.6 gallon tank in the next couple of weeks and I have a few questions regarding lighting options. As a bit of background, I've only a 5 gallon low light tank in the past so I'm pretty new to this. I'm aiming to have a scape...
  4. R

    Rob's 60P - First Tank

    I have only recently discovered Aquascaping so this is my first tank, although my parents did keep fish some ~15 years ago. I started this tank a few months ago, but spent along time trying to decide on the hardscape. Equipment I current have is underlined, everything else is still to buy...
  5. James Flexton

    Twin Peaks - Jimbooo's Journal Mk4

    Hi Everyone, Some of you may remember my journals from way back in 2006/2007 when I went a bit planted tank mad (Jimbooo's Jungle Journal 1,2,and3, the step by step riccia article and the plant maintenance article) all initially on fishforums.net then over here when UKAPS first established...
  6. Lewis G

    Lamp for Growing HC in a 14cm cube?

    Hi all. I'm looking for a source of lighting to grow some emersed HC in a 14cm cube as a little house decoration. I've never grown HC before, and have never grown any aquatic plants emersed so this is pretty new to me. I'm looking for a source of lighting for my project and I think a...
  7. Richard Dowling

    Banff Mountain Springs

    Hi All, Im Finally here! Ready start my first journal of what should be my first ever respectable effort at an Aquascape. I made my decision of which tank to buy after seeing Ed Gercog’s tank at Aquatics Live. I swiftly went with a TMC Signature 60x45x30. With Lighting I took Inspiration...
  8. Aqua Essentials

    Who would like to see HC on sale?

    If I get 20 yes' I'll put it on sale. How about that :)
  9. steveno

    My own iwagumi scape

    Hello All, After being a avid follower of every bodies journals and learn so much, I thought it was high time I started a journal myself. I've had a few attempts at putting a scape together in the pass but none have really turned out very well and typically result in me tearing down and...
  10. Kyle Lambert

    carpet options with corys

    So ive tried HC and my corys think its a lovely soft cushion for them to sit on and destroy so i need some help with my carpet regarding something hardy, attractive and easy to grow. The corys do have a nice big open section at the front of the tank with plenty of places to hide and plenty of...
  11. Eboeagles

    Tropica Aquacube - Coastal Path

    This is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while now, but not had the stones to make the steps - I've tried all sorts with varying degrees of success, but have recently found some miniature dry stone thats meant to build model walls etc from (I'm sad I know)... I guess the idea of...
  12. Kyle Lambert

    switching DHG to cuba

    So my DHG has been in the tank for about 6 weeks now and there are the odd shoots coming up here and there in the substrate, however, i really like the idea of switching to HC. As there are only clumps of DHG with the occasional single blade popping up would it be too difficult to rip out...
  13. Julian

    Any tips for HC DSM?

    Hi guys and girls! Like the topic says, I'm just after a few tips using the dry start method as I'd like to have a go at growing a carpet of HC. My current attempt at growing HC submersed has worked out quite well. Around 6 months ago I planted it stem by stem then flooded the tank straight...
  14. Aqua Essentials

    Tropica Hemianthus 1-2-grow! on sale

    for a limited period only http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/tropica-hemianthus-cuba-12grow-p-6270.html
  15. terry82517

    Recommended number of 1 2 grow 'hc' pots

    Going to order some pots of hc cuba tropica 1 2 grow but haven't the faintest idea how many I would need to cut up and plant most of my 90cm x 45 tank floor! How many did any of you guys use in your tanks? :)
  16. Antoni

    The Forest floor - Tropica aquascape New pics

    Hi everybody, after taking down my 20 l scape the Hare hill after Christmas, I have started a new aquascape with plants and substrate, kindly provided by Tropica. The tank has been set up in the beginning of February and is now about 2 months old. Spec: 20 l Boyo nano tank with filter...