1. Zak Rafik

    How much Calcium Nitrate to substitute for Potassium Nitrate for a planted high-light tank?

    Hi everyone, I’m going to start EI fertilization for my 40 days old planted tank (255 litres / 67 US gallons) very soon. It’s a highlight with injected Co2 setup. Currently I’m dosing with ADA’s Brighty K and Brighty Step 1. But after I read about the immense benefits of EI dosing, I got...
  2. George Farmer

    Your personal aquascaping/aquarium highlights from 2013

    Hi all, With the end of 2013 fast approaching I thought it would be interesting to share our personal planted tank and aquascaping highlights from the year. They can be anything from your own successful 'scapes, breeding fish, beating algae, new kit, new plants etc. Mine was setting up my...