1. Kezzab

    Long holiday - how to manage tank?

    In the summer we're going to be away for a month and we're going to rent out the house on airbnb. I've three tanks, 15l, 20l, 200l. I'm probably going to break down the 15l and move the 20l to my parents. That leaves the 200l. It has a sump with top up reservoir, so i can add an ATU, but that...
  2. tblundell

    Leaving planted tank for a prolonged period?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some Advice about leaving my planted aquariums for a prolonged period of time. I have two planted tanks, one 240 L high tech with presurised CO2, high ferts etc., and relatively high fish stocking (mainly rainbows). I also have a 90L open top low tech tank with...
  3. fleetEWD

    Tank care whilst away.

    Forum search showed a few away on holiday threads but i still have a some questions, I've got two weeks away with work and am leaving my HC carpet in the not so capable hands of the long haired general. What is the best way to go with HC. i'm thinking reduce light period, intensity and co2 as...
  4. naughtymoose

    Dosing Gluteraldehyde in larger volumes

    Hi Folks. I have a Roma 240L hobgoblins-cave. I've made improvements over the past months and am trying to make life a bit easier for myself. I've been dosing Glutaraldehyde, but, as I'm a bit shaky sometimes due to my illness, have been trying to figure out a way of making it easier. My...
  5. aaron.c

    The Dreaded Holiday :)

    Hey All I know there has been a lot of these posts in the past and I have read lots of them. I wanted to run my plan past you as a sense check more than anything really. We are going away for 8 days in a few weeks, and then for 15 days in August. My tank is pretty well planted at the moment...
  6. RolyMo

    Dosing whilst on 1 week holiday

    I have searched a read a few threads on the subject, but this is my first holiday whilst owning a tank. I am going away for 1 week only. I plan to do my normal 50% water change before I leave. I planned to leave the lights on for the normal 6hrs I plan to some how get someone to come round and...