1. viktorlantos

    HAC 2014 - Hungarian Aquascaping Contest Result

    Cheers guys. After a little delay we finished the contest and gave out all the awards to the bests. HAC Aquascaping Contest is a local contest which we organize and sponsor since 2009. The contest grown up with our local community and our company too. We live in symbiosis. :) This year we've...
  2. viktorlantos

    Scaper's Day - Hungary

    Cheers guys, i am sorry i was a bit inactive in the past months. Things are busy around me and i do have less time to be everywhere. But i thought i share one of the thing we organized in the past months. We do love contests and we love community events. Last year the Thai scaping event...
  3. LondonDragon

    Hungarian Aquascaping Contest (HAC) 2012 Results

    Results from the competition by our Hungarian cousins ;) #1 Main category #2 Main category #3 Main category All works from Main category: Hungarian Aquascaping Contest (HAC) - Galéria #1 nano category #2 nano category #3 nano category All works from nano category...