1. AKD594

    Low tech carpeting - Marsilea hirsuta vs Hydrocotyle tripartita

    Hi All Just wanted some advice regarding Marsilea hirsuta vs Hydrocotyle tripartita for a low tech carpeting plant. Looking to create a low tech tank with aqua gro nutrasoil substrate, 1.6 w/gal light and daily dosing of liquid carbon. Are either of these a realistic choice for this type of...
  2. pintainho21

    My Small PON - 60liters

    Hi guys, i´ve been reading ukaps for a time but never posted nothing before. I'm Portuguese and for my surprise i found many here (Olá a todos) Since i´ve "finished" (really?) a recent setup i´d thought to post it here hopping to get some feedback. So here it is My Small Piece of Nature setup...