1. oscarlloydjohn

    Any need for a bubble counter?

    I have an Aquario Neo diffuser and was wondering if the bubbles coming from the pipe at the bottom of the diffuser would work fine as a bubble counter (maybe it would have uneven flow?) I don't see a need for unnecessary clutter so I'd love to not have to buy an inline one. Cheers
  2. Something Fishy

    Cleaning co2 diffuser and solenoid pressure

    Hi Tried 6% h202 on my diffuser but very little is clean, left over night and tried liquid carbon too and still algae is present. Bleach the only option left? I thought of trying Cola or something has anybody tried that? Gonna move it out of the light next time I think... I have an inline...
  3. Richard Dowling

    JBL Pro Flora Direct Inline Diffuser - Your Experiences?

    Hi All, Do any of you have any experiences with the JBL Pro Flora Direct - Inline CO2 Diffuser? I have used a particular inline diffuser (Which I wont name because I respect the retailer) over the last few years and have had to have the plastic casing replaced 3 times on warranty. Its cracked...
  4. aaron.c

    Inline diffusers... show us your bubbles!

    Hey All Those that use inline diffusers, how often are you cleaning them? I have just replaced the ceramic insert in mine and bubbles are back to being on the big side after only a coupe of weeks. I am convinced they are too big and are cuasing my CO2 to be sub par. I could just up the...