1. Kalum

    Favourite YouTube Aquascaping Channels

    I've watched most of the videos from my favourite 'go to' channels to learn or get inspiration from so looking for any others with good content These are top of my list, what is everyone else watching? Green Aqua - George Farmer -...
  2. Kezzab

    Ideas walk (pics)

    Took some pics while walking the dogs round the local nature reserve. Maybe a bit of inspiration here for next scape.
  3. Mikeba

    Aquascape Awards

    Hi! We’re very excited to launch our new website called Aquascape Awards. A while ago we came up with the idea to create an online platform where aquascapers can find inspiration, but also share their work with fellow hobbyists. The (future) idea is to select a montly "Scape of the month"...