1. B

    Hi from Scotland!

    Hello! Hubby and I have just moved north of the border. We've bought a lovely new place and I'm excited to say I have space for fish keeping again! Reading through some of the threads, though, it seems like things have moved on since I last had a tank (ten years ago) - last time I cycled a...
  2. Canadian_Bear

    Getting Better Newbie

    Hello fellow aquascaping people. Im a UK guy here that found my passion for indoor plants years ago, and now aquascaping. I am about 3yrs into this and I can say that I have made many mistakes and wasted tons of money. I love this hobby and hope to gain some insights as well as share. I...
  3. MadMarchMoon

    Hello, I'm Sarah and I'm a schapoholic

    Hello all, I'm Sarah from mid Wales *waves* How is aquascaping so addictive? Sorry this is a long one I've kept fish for many (30+) years, always had plants in my tanks and normally some hardscape. Big tanks, small tanks, made mistakes, learned a lot etc. Fast forward to about 8 years ago...
  4. Amn3siac

    Hello from Beckenham!

    Hi all, So I'm a lapsed aquarist, who has been on hiatus for the last few years. I previously had a low tech, no Co2 tank with crypts, swords, Val and Nymphea ( That was very successful (maybe too successful - I'm looking at you Jungle Val!), but now I'm ready, and...
  5. Pilki

    Hello from Torquay

    Hello from Torquay! Long time lurker, finally decided to create an account after finding myself on these forums time after time. In the process of setting up a jewel 125 ready for a slowish growing tank. I will be sure to ask for some advice along the way! Cheers, Pilki
  6. AllyP

    Diary of a Mad Fish Tank

    I'm not gonna lie, but I'm feeling a very shy and out of my depth (the first of many bad puns) but here goes! Not only am I a newbie to the wonderful world of aqua- scaping but this is the very first forum I have ever joined (shamefully looking down and trying desperately hard not to look...
  7. Paul Ballantine


    Good Morning All Hope everyone is well. Been keeping fish for a long time and this is my first step into the world of plant keeping or aquascaping. I've been inspired by watching George Farmer on YouTube and looking forward to the journey ahead. Regards Paul
  8. iDigit

    Greetings from Switzerland

    Who am I : My name is Ray, known as iDigit Where I Live : Tavannes, Switzerland Age : half a ton and some change. 1st aquarium : Bought my first aquarium in 1975, a 40 litre tub. However, we had an aquarium at home dating from 1972. I have always had at least 1 fish tank in my home...
  9. Katherine Bain

    HI to all UKAPS members from Australia

    Hi all, Just joining in from Australia. I run two basic community aquariums - one is a simple planted tank, the other an attempt to have nice plants in a predominantly South American cichlid tank ( not so successful!). My main problem is algae. I am very lucky and source my water directly from...
  10. MiguelAngelo

    3 months into the hobby and expanding

    Hi everyone, I've been into fish keeping on and off since I was 9 years old but only recently got seriously into aquascaping and live plants. I have a 64 litre tank with a variety of plants and tropical fish that I consider a moderate success as I've had a few problems with some plants doing...
  11. CalebWM

    Hi From Bath

    Hi guys No tanks yet :oops: hoping to get a tmc microhabitat some time soon, but I'm tight for cash being only 15, need a job :p But my dad has big fluval tank which I hope to help set up with him some time soon, but it is still in the basement after moving house. Hope to visit aquajardin some...