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  1. E

    JBL Regulator M001 Gasket ring

    I recently purchased a JBL regulator m001 with solenoid V002 from a well known auction site, it came with 50x O-rings which is great but after an inspection of the regulator there's, as far as I can tell no "gasket ring" that goes on the end of the solenoid bolt that screws into the regulator...
  2. Savi_g

    JBL ferropol

    Hi guys I thought I’d ask about jbl’s ferropol. Now...regardless of wether or not it’s very good (although I’d love to hear your suggestions, thoughts and advice on a plant fert I can overdose without breaking the bank) I noticed that JBL now do a 625ml weekly fert. Because of the size of my...
  3. J

    JBL E702 floppy lever

    Just bought a brand new JBL e702 canister filter and I am wondering if anyone has experienced one of the lever are kind of floppy? As I understand these levers are suppose lock the piece were you connect the tubes. I called the store and asked if they could check on another e702filter if they...
  4. M

    JBL Filter Leaking

    Hi everyone! I carried out some maintenance on my JBL e1502 filter today and after turning it back on it started to leak after about 5-10 minutes. The photo shows where the leak is coming from. I think it is the O-ring seal as it is in the places (front right and back right). Has anyone else...
  5. jaypeecee

    A New Optimum Dissolved CO2 Concentration?

    Hi Folks, It would appear that JBL have decided on a new optimum CO2 level in users' tanks. Instead of the 30 mg/l figure, which has been 'the norm' for a good many years, JBL seem to be rolling out their latest drop checker (DC) test sets with a new optimum of 20 mg/l. See below...
  6. Shinobi

    JBL Cristalprofi 901E - filter media upgrade(?)

    So I'm currently pretty happy with my JBL 901e that i have installed on my 60p. The very low amount of noise, and decent flow seems to fit the tank quite well. However 10+ weeks into the filters life I'm still seeing some pretty high spikes in NO2, despite low feeding and 2x WC weekly with about...
  7. Richard Dowling

    JBL Pro Flora Direct Inline Diffuser - Your Experiences?

    Hi All, Do any of you have any experiences with the JBL Pro Flora Direct - Inline CO2 Diffuser? I have used a particular inline diffuser (Which I wont name because I respect the retailer) over the last few years and have had to have the plastic casing replaced 3 times on warranty. Its cracked...
  8. CooKieS

    Juwel lido 200, 'kraken'

    Hello, My first non-nano scape , done in one afternoon for a friend, this was fun and it made me wanna have bigger tanks. :) Specs: Juwel lido 200 Stock lightning and filter Eheim skim Soil: JBL sansibar Asia roots Seiryu stone Ferts: Easy carbo Ferro Plants: Anubia barteri Buce green...
  9. D

    Which CO2 System

    Am looking to buy my first CO2 system for a Juwel Rio 180l. My lfs has the JBL pro flora M 1003 system on offer for £250. It's comes with a ph controller, 2kg cylinder, regulator etc. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience of this system and if they rate it well or not? does the ph...
  10. Stinky

    JBL M002 Regulator Problems

    Hi, first post. Has anyone had problems with their jbl regulator. Can't seem to adjust it down. Operating pressure is stuck at 3.5 bar and is setting off the relief valve. which is just wasting any CO2 Thank you
  11. aaron.c

    JBL Cristal Profi 1501 and External Reactors

    H Guys I have a JBL Cristal Profil e1501 in my Rio 125. I think the flow is pretty good for the most part. I have an issue with my CO2 though. I can not stand the misty lemonade look and want to replace the UP Inline Diffuser (which I find very unreliable) with an external reactor. Some...
  12. LukeDaly

    High tech tank with sand substrate

    Hey guys, Starting a new build and this time I want to try out the dry start method with a reptile fogger mostly for mosses on my wood, although I do want to try out some other plants using the same method! I will be using compressed CO2 on a timer once flooded and EI dosing so my main...
  13. Lauris

    Colisia Vallem (90L)

    Hoi! New project on the way. Will start just with a bit of tech Tank: Optiwhite 6mm, clear seal, (LxHxW) 60x40x40cm, approx90L Light: 2xT5 28w with 1xLED Beamswork 1k Lumens (DIY hang-over) Filter: JBL e1501 Heater: Hydor external, 200w, 16mm Bits: all gass (lily pipes, diffusers) CO2...
  14. Lauris

    2 stones of Rock

    So... Retired my 30L Dwarf Pass Replaced it with 60L tank Did not much of work on scape. Just crammed in 2 big rocks and tree The plan relays more on the Dwarf grass growing thick and form main look of the scape cutting it when I will get there. Also I hope it will form nicely itself as there...
  15. John P Coates

    Does anyone own a JBL m001 regulator?

    Hi folks, Please go to my latest post, dated 10 July 2014 where I have asked an additional question (shown in blue). I would like to know if anyone owns a JBL ProFlora m001 CO2 regulator. This is the one for use with reusable CO2 cylinders. My understanding is that it is not a two-stage...
  16. terry82517

    Tetratec ex1200 or jbl 1501

    Anyone use ether or both? Trying to get a idea on which to choose, any advice would be fantastic!