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john innes

  1. Jake Senior

    New to 'dirt' tank... looking for some soil advise

    I'm planning to dirt my new 300 litre tank and have done a lot of reading... mostly US sites. The most popular and preferred choice of 'soil' seems to be Miracle Gro Organic potting mix. However it seems here in the UK it's John Innes No 3... The MG Organic mix doesn't seem to be available in...
  2. Alastair

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    Right, thought it was about time I finally start my journal especially after a few people pushing me to start it up. Brownie points to the first person to guess why I chose the name for the journal ( those who know are excluded). Having had so much fun running high tech, there was one tank...
  3. BigTom

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    ***WARNING*** This journal is likely to contain any, some or all of the following: mud, dirty glass, terrible typing, horrible crawly things, really boring fish, algae, piles of rotting crap, bad photography, drunken ramblings, non-existent aquascaping, total disaster and complete disregard for...