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  1. J

    A Tale of Two Roma's

    “I’m going on an adventure!” Well, not exactly an adventure but thought it was high time I started a journal, hopefully it will show others how our tanks progress and often morph from one path to another without us even realising it; failing that it will provide a useful place to document how...
  2. Shoshi Scaping

    Iwagumi Journal for an EPQ

    14/03/2021 Hi everyone, I have decided to start this journal in order to document the process of my new iwagumi aquascape. This journal will also tie into a school project that I’m doing called an EPQ. An EPQ is worth 50% of an A-Level and is essentially an essay or artefact on any topic you’d...
  3. flatfish55

    My first attempt at planted tank. 120x45x45

    Hello everyone. Like a few other people on here this is not my first experience with aquariums but,it is my first attempt at a planted one so here goes. The tank is a braced one made by clearseal and my plan is to be very loosely based on a South American theme ie most of the fish...