lava rock

  1. MrHidley

    James Shallow Build

    Here is my diy shallow tank, it has the same dimensions as the ADA 60-F except it's made from acrylic and only cost just over £20 to make. Initial thoughts are that this is going to be low tech with a carpet of lilaeopsis brasiliensis covering most of the tank. Not sure what's going to go up...
  2. Zak Rafik

    Is lava rock safe for use under the substrate?

    Hi everyone, I'm in midst of setting up my new planted tank and intend to use lava rocks (2 - 3 cm) under the substrate. The are two main reasons I'm doing this way. 1. To reduce the number of ADA aquasoil I need to buy when creating a slope at the back of the tank and also to give a bit of...
  3. MrHidley

    James 60p No3 AKA Orange n' Green

    Tank - ADA 60P Stand - Reinforced IKEA Besta CO2 - DIY set-up with 2kg fire extinguisher. Inline diffuser. Heater - Hydor Inline 300w Filter - Tetra EX1200 Plus Lights - 24" Current USA Satellite Plus Pro 30W LED Substrate - 9 Litres Tropica Powder with a thin layer of Tropica plant growth...
  4. Ryan Young

    Using Lava Rock as a hardscape...

    Can anyone highlight to me any problems with using Lava Rock as a hardscape in a tank, I know it can be somewhat crumbly and was unsure if this would be a big issue but not sure if there would be any other problems especially if I had plants or moss attached to it? Thanks
  5. AKD594

    Lava Rock as Hardscape - How much does it really affect water quality?

    Hi All Just a quick question regarding Lava Rock as hardscape. I've read in numerous places that lava rock acts as a great area for colonising denitrifying bacteria and thus will improve water quality. . Just wanted to ask you guys if (from your experience) you have found this to be true. The...
  6. MrHidley

    First Low Tech Planted Tank... Now High Tech!

    My girlfriend asked that I set up a scape for the lounge. Because I'm pretty busy and don't have much time for maintenance right now I decided to set up something low tech and easy to care for, this is what I came up with. Having only previously had high tech planted tanks I couldn't believe how...
  7. DGR

    GlasGarten Mini L "Nemesis"

    Hi all, I want to present you my latest projekt, called "Nemesis". And here a few facts: Hardware: GlasGartenMini L 45 x 24 x 30 cm float glas Gross~30L, net - still don't know Daytime eco 40.3 Eheim 2213 ADA Lily Pipe Spin P Outflow Do!aqua Violet Glass Inflow UP Aqua Inline Atomizer + 500gr...
  8. Aqua Essentials

    3 giant pieces of lava rock

    have arrived and they're looking great. Would make a lovely feature in your tank! Search Results : Aqua Essentials