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  1. Lance Wisher

    First algae alert ⚠️: Brown algae killing carpeting plants. Help!

    Alright everyone, First planted tank - 55 days in. See images for layout and plants. I've got 14 happy harlequin rasboras swimming around a fully cycled tank (still trying to keep nitrates down, taking almost daily water changes for that. But my carpet plants are suffering from a brown algae...
  2. dw1305

    A paper on the transition of Hygrophila difformis from emersed to submersed

    Hi all, A paper has come my way that I thought might be of interest. : <"Photosynthetic acclimation of terrestrial and submerged leaves in the amphibious plant Hygrophila difformis">. It is "Open Access", so should be available to every-one. It is quite interesting, it suggests that ethylene...
  3. Victor

    Plants leaves closing too early

    Hi, guys! Finally I have a clue about what's is causing the algae that I'm fighting for many years in my tank. It could be a problem related to photoperiod. My tank photoperiod lasts for 10 hours (2 h of low light at beginning, 6 hours of high light at the middle and 2 h of low light...
  4. Fiske

    I bit the bullet :O

    Shipping was extremely fast, I could live with slower shipping for a lower price. That must be the only gripe I have here. Other than that I am super stoked to use this, too bad I don't even have the tank for this yet. A smaller part of these botanicals are going to be used very soon for a small...
  5. RolyMo

    What Autumn stuff can I add to my shrimp tank

    Now Autumn appears to be upon us. I wondered if there were certain leaves and other tree based seed type things that I could take advantage of in my local surroundings for my shrimp and fish tanks. BTW I live in England. I was swear I have several Adler trees nearby me. Or should I say to...
  6. RolyMo

    What do I do with big Catappa leaves?

    Tricky one working out which discussion to post to. In the M&S I chose this because I guess the leaves affect the water chemistry. I bought some rather large Catappa leaves that are currently swirling around the tank waiting to be water logged and sink to the bottom. My question is can i tear...