1. JMorgan

    low tech CO2 - passive diffusion

    Sorry if this has already been discussed - I did search for "passive CO2" but couldn't find anything, so here goes: I recently stumbled across a video showing an aquatics shop in San Francisco, "Ocean Aquariums" (misnamed as all freshwater!) where the owner does things a little differently...
  2. Kezzab

    LFS monsters

    Vampire tetras, red line snakeheads, freshwater barracuda... All 3 long. Is there genuinely a market for these?
  3. Ryan Young

    Wow this is weird!

    I suppose this is not completely off- topic but I was scrolling through Ebay as you do under aquarium supplies and I stumbled upon this, I doubt anyone is going to pay that and then have it transported but its kinda awesome anyway. I got interested when I saw the Eheim filter and Juwel tanks, if...
  4. George Farmer

    Want to set up a display tank in your LFS?

    UKAPS member, Mark Evans, sets up a planted display tank for his local aquatic retailer (Photo - George Farmer) Recently I've been contacted by some UKAPS members that are interested in how they should go about setting up a planted display tank in their local aquatic retailer. This subject is...
  5. ale36

    Totally Tropicals in Bishop's Stortford Closed down :(

    Just though i come here and express how upset this news has made me News paper Link Here After my 9 year loyalty to this shop i'm now forced to get my stock from else where I believe that the recent P@H move to the town might have contributed to this fact, i refuse to get any live stock from...