1. Daalamist

    Lids and lights

    I’ve been looking at loads of aquascapes that do not appear to have lids or barriers between their lights and the water. Yet I have read on amazon product descriptions of led light bars that a cover is required to protect the light from the water. Confused! Do I need a lid or don’t I? Thanks
  2. algae_connoisseur


    hi i have posted a link to my thread on custom jewel lids, have a look... sorry to advertise on here but figured it wouldnt get a look on the diy section regards andy
  3. algae_connoisseur


    Hello im new to forums but i really think the world should know that juwel tank lids can be custom despite the difficulties. i am going to post 3 sections, 1st prep, 2nd finnishing, 3rd fitting. hope you enjoy and prehaps 1 person will take inspiration from this project. i love juwel tanks and...