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  1. CooKieS

    Juwel lido 200, 'kraken'

    Hello, My first non-nano scape , done in one afternoon for a friend, this was fun and it made me wanna have bigger tanks. :) Specs: Juwel lido 200 Stock lightning and filter Eheim skim Soil: JBL sansibar Asia roots Seiryu stone Ferts: Easy carbo Ferro Plants: Anubia barteri Buce green...
  2. Cor

    My Pics - Always in development

    Final full tank shot: Title: Juwel Lido 120 - always in development Dimensions: 61x41x58 CO2: pressurised - 70 bpm Filtration: Bioflow 3.0 M - 500 l/u Lights: 2 x 24W T5 438mm HiLite Photo Period: 12.00 - 20.00 Fertilisation: EI Substrate: black gravel Hardscape: lava rock and 2 pieces...