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light and plants

  1. Nathanh2150

    Best light dimmer

    Hi all, I’m Looking to put a light dimmer on my 900s twinstar but don’t know what to get to dim the light as will be using it on a planted tank
  2. T

    Light, Monte Carlo and Moss balls - Picture added

    Hi New member, first post. I have setup a new 30L tank and in it I am having monte carlo, dwarf hairgrass and Marimo Moss balls. I have opened out the moss balls and glued them on to the top of half coconuts and they look pretty good! My plan was to grow a monte carlo carpet around these so...
  3. K

    Unusual light set up. Too much light, or too little. How to adjust my mistakes in lighting

    I have two newly set up low tech planted tanks, they are identical second hand models (old fluval 10gallon tanks). With single 15w t8 light fittings. The first tank I set up I put an Arcadia tropical bulb in and many of my plants grew leggy and died very quickly. I have changed many species and...
  4. Aqua Hero

    First month of an aquascape

    So you've planted a bunch of in-virto plants and have flooded the tank. You got the co2 running, lights on and filter flowing. Now what? Currently with my tank, some of the plants are melting back (which is to be expected), the light is on the lowest setting running for 6 hours and co2 is on...
  5. Aqua Hero

    First month of a new aquascape

    I've been reading and watching videos to recap on this hobby again after a long break I saw a video where someone said that I have to do water changes everyday for the first week, then every other day for the next 3 week's. Then after that I can do weekly water changes. Is this necessary...
  6. Akwarysta_pl

    054l - My own Borneo - Michał

    Hello; I want to present my aquarium which was arranged by the way of buying of some new plants. I had to put them to the aquarium without any idea concerning scape and I had collect another plants in the next days and put them also there randomly. In the next days I saw this all together in...
  7. RoXSaida

    Suggestion of plants with this light ?

    Hello ! First of all Happy new year to everyone ! I'm launching a new tank of 40L and I want to create my first real aquascape, but my budget is not enought to buy a good light, and I saw on the internet a lot of beautiful aquarium using led bulb light. I bought one (Full spectrum, 6500K, 500L...