light intensity

  1. P

    melting bacopa - more light needed ?

    Hi, I have some stems of bacopa in a newly setup tank. (over a month now) I moved it last week to the middle to get max light. tank depth is ~ 32cm. I have just 2 18W T8 tubes ( old ish probably, tank was 2nd hand) It continues to shed leaves from the bottom upwards to nearly the very...
  2. Trevorb101

    Already worried after a few weeks ...... And years of failure

    I have had a 4ft tank for 20 years. Freshwater tropical. Always failed miserably to maintain any sort of healthy environment. So, time to start again and do it right. I bought a new Juwel Vision 260. I use both the included Bioflow 6.0 filter system and an external JBL e700 filter. Currently...
  3. Jomega

    Can output of LED's be converted in an understandable way?

    Hi there I hope Im not asking a silly question here, but I have just recently moved over from marine's and i have a wee problem. I will be using an LED fixture over my tank. Total it produces 160w of power. Given that one of its channels is alot of blues, and the fact that I want to run a low...
  4. AshRolls

    Liquid Carbon - flow & light intensity

    Hi there, Firstly, thanks for this great resource these forums are full of helpful information and feedback. I have already managed to find answers to most of my questions and feel like I am developing a good knowledge of the subject, albeit without much testing on the crucible of 'actually...