light intensity

  1. Smithyithy

    New tank - Lighting Period / Intensity

    Hello all, I finally got my nano aquascape up and running at the weekend, so just seeing through my first week with it filled. Fortunately I'm working from home, and the tank is in the same room as my PC / desk, so I'm able to monitor it all day and do any bits of maintenance as and when...
  2. P

    melting bacopa - more light needed ?

    Hi, I have some stems of bacopa in a newly setup tank. (over a month now) I moved it last week to the middle to get max light. tank depth is ~ 32cm. I have just 2 18W T8 tubes ( old ish probably, tank was 2nd hand) It continues to shed leaves from the bottom upwards to nearly the very...
  3. Trevorb101

    Already worried after a few weeks ...... And years of failure

    I have had a 4ft tank for 20 years. Freshwater tropical. Always failed miserably to maintain any sort of healthy environment. So, time to start again and do it right. I bought a new Juwel Vision 260. I use both the included Bioflow 6.0 filter system and an external JBL e700 filter. Currently...
  4. Jomega

    Can output of LED's be converted in an understandable way?

    Hi there I hope Im not asking a silly question here, but I have just recently moved over from marine's and i have a wee problem. I will be using an LED fixture over my tank. Total it produces 160w of power. Given that one of its channels is alot of blues, and the fact that I want to run a low...
  5. AshRolls

    Liquid Carbon - flow & light intensity

    Hi there, Firstly, thanks for this great resource these forums are full of helpful information and feedback. I have already managed to find answers to most of my questions and feel like I am developing a good knowledge of the subject, albeit without much testing on the crucible of 'actually...