lily pipe

  1. P

    Aqua Rebell Lily Pipes comparison

    Hi All! I want to buy a 13mm lily pipe for my 60cm * 40cm * 40cm aquarium. The Aqua Rebell offers two type of lily pipe: the OF2 the OF3 I don’t know yet which one would be more ideal for my aquarium size. If you have pictures of any of the products in an aquarium, please show them to me...
  2. R

    Cleaning glass Lily Pipes

    Hello, I have glass lily pipes for the inlet and outlet for my tropical aquarium and am very pleased with them. The glass outlet pipe is easy to clean with a long flexible pipe cleaning brush. The glass inlet pipe has no open end to it (just slits to let the water flow in) to insert a brush so...
  3. oscarlloydjohn

    Outflow choices

    I will hopefully be getting an ADA 60F soon (there will be a journal!). It will be a rock layout with monte carlo as the main plant, not an Iwagumi though. I plan to have deep aquasoil with banks on either side so that I can have emersed growth. Can any of you share any advice/experiences on...
  4. Edgar Bolivar

    Lily Pipe surface skimmer

    Hi I want to buy a lily pipe for a new project. The measures of the tank are 60x30x36 cm. In a high tech nature aquarium ADA style. I'm not sure if I should buy lily pipe surface skimmer or a normal lily pipe, because a lot of people have different opinions about this product some one told me...
  5. Staticrzr

    90cm tank - two filter tank output arrangement

    I'm going to upgrade from my 60cm tank to a 90 x 40 x 40 tank. I am curently running a eheim experience 250 filter for my tank trough a lily pipe outflow. I'm currently pumping co2 trough a tropica 3in1 diffuser. What Eheim model should i be buying? What kind of arrangement for the inflow and...
  6. LukeDaly

    STILL have flow issues... :(

    Hello Guys, Still running the Dennerle Scapers tank with the Fluval 306 and Gush Lily Pipes (Inlet & Outlet) and I think I am still getting flow issues. I am getting what I believe is Black-brush algae growing around some areas of the wood mostly the back. This is really starting to put a...
  7. Lauris

    Colisia Vallem (90L)

    Hoi! New project on the way. Will start just with a bit of tech Tank: Optiwhite 6mm, clear seal, (LxHxW) 60x40x40cm, approx90L Light: 2xT5 28w with 1xLED Beamswork 1k Lumens (DIY hang-over) Filter: JBL e1501 Heater: Hydor external, 200w, 16mm Bits: all gass (lily pipes, diffusers) CO2...
  8. Gokul

    10mm Lily Pipe fit problem :(

    I am buying cy20 rinun and the spec is Inlet tube:¢11-15x500mm Outlet tube:¢8-12x500mm, will a 10mm lily pipe fit this ? i understand that the Inlet wont, but is there a way to fix this issue ? I can buy them separately, but i am getting the set of 10mm lily pipe in a good deal though.
  9. AverageWhiteBloke

    Cutting lily pipes

    Has anyone successfully did this? Managed to break the end of my inlet where the intake slots are. I've ordered a new one but the old one still functions for now, I just rubbed the sharp edges with sand paper and put my mesh filter back on. On the plus side it seems to be less restrictive and...
  10. LukeDaly

    Clear Tubing, Inline Heater & Lilly Pipes for the Fluval 306

    Hey guys! Recently just purchased the Fluval 306 for a new tank build I am going to be doing and I am wondering if anyone has any idea on what type of tubing I can use to replace the horrible black ribbed stuff that came with the filter? Not only is this for looks I need a little more tubing...
  11. Simon jones

    Lily Pipe for Juwel Rio 180

    Can anybody help? I'm trying to source a lily pipe for my juwel rio 180. I'm not having much luck!