liquid co2

  1. M

    Use pressurised CO2 and liquid together?

    Hi there - I'm hoping to get some advice on using both pressurised CO2 while also dosing a liquid CO2 such as Seachem Excel? I remember reading somewhere that some people did this to help with algae control, in particular brown hair algae (which is something that I've had issues with in the...
  2. Conort2

    Reoccurring crypt melt

    Hi New here, however been lurking a long time. Wonder if you guys would be able to help me. Had what I would call a mid tech tank (due to the liquid co2) setup for about six months now. However I'm not too happy with it. I seem to get pretty much continuous crypt melt. New growth is fine...
  3. Jezmond

    Do I need to add ferts with liquid co2

    I have a well stocked year old 125l tank with just sand substrate and 15 recently added plants which are a mix of crypts, java fern, anubias, swords, rotalia, cabomba and ludwigia peruviana. Lights are 2 X 20watt t8 and 1 Arcadia stretch 24watt led. I'm adding JBL ferropol weekly and 2 ml...
  4. Paul Ballantine


    Hello fellow plant lovers. At substrate level I have a PAR of roughly 57 using my fluval 2.0 and I'll be dosing liquid carbon, yes I know it has its haters but I like to run an air stone in my tanks, would you say this is classed as medium or low tech. Many thanks Paul
  5. Timbuck2

    Liquid CO2 Help

    Hi. I have I question about easycarbo.:) I brought some at the weekend and started dosing it every morning before I go to work. The timer on my lights are set for 1330pm and I'm planning on dosing at 0630am will It still work or will I be just wasting it? how long does it last for?
  6. AKD594

    Low tech carpeting - Marsilea hirsuta vs Hydrocotyle tripartita

    Hi All Just wanted some advice regarding Marsilea hirsuta vs Hydrocotyle tripartita for a low tech carpeting plant. Looking to create a low tech tank with aqua gro nutrasoil substrate, 1.6 w/gal light and daily dosing of liquid carbon. Are either of these a realistic choice for this type of...
  7. Aqua Hero

    surface agitation affect liquid c02

    i know with pressurized c02 having alot of surface agitation will reduce the amount of c02 in the tank. is that the same when using liquid c02
  8. AshRolls

    Liquid Carbon - flow & light intensity

    Hi there, Firstly, thanks for this great resource these forums are full of helpful information and feedback. I have already managed to find answers to most of my questions and feel like I am developing a good knowledge of the subject, albeit without much testing on the crucible of 'actually...