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  1. E

    Problem with Bubble Counter, pressure inconsistency when full/low liquid.

    I have a problem with my bubble counter, when it's full of water the bubble count about 1 bubble per second but after the water evaporates, the bubbles increase, at 75% of water, the bubble counter is about 3 bbs, at 25% of water, is about 4 bbs. In other words, the pressure increases when is...
  2. Aqua Hero

    2% glutaraldehyde solution

    how do i make a 2% solution of 50% glutaraldehyde. and how much do i dose
  3. John P Coates

    500g Liquid CO2 = what volume of CO2 gas?

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know how to convert from liquid CO2 to CO2 gas? No, the answer is not a regulator! I have a JBL 500g cylinder and I would like to estimate how long it will last. I simply need to know what this weight of liquid CO2 is equivalent to when it converts to gaseous CO2. It is...