low budget

  1. Mark Nicholls

    Imitating Nature.

    Here's my take on running a successful low maintenance low tech low budget tank. I have adopted these rules over many years of aquatic experience and have learnt by my mistakes Pick a theme. My particular themed tank simulates a medium flow river bed. Do your research. Learn the water...
  2. Mark Nicholls

    Greetings one and all.

    Hi everyone, just a quick message to introduce myself and our tanks. The top tank is my personal tank which is stocked with Crypts, Swords, Java fern and aponogetons. Its got a sand/gravel/pebble substrate and is fertilised using homemade ei salts and clayball substrate ferts. The filter is a...
  3. Joris

    The fallen tree [60L low-tech]

    Hi Guys! Just started an account here after a long time of lurking around. I want to contribute to the forum by sharing my second aquascape journey. Most recent update: In july this year I started with my first ‘aquascape’. It was a 30 liter cube with some easy plants and it currently looks...
  4. Bufo Bill

    Bufo Bill's Boraras Cube

    Hi, this is my first journal here on UKAPS, feel free to let me know what you think. Some specs:- Fish R Fun 17L Cube tank (Open Top). Lighting: AquaRay 400 nano tile with controller set @ Photoperiod 3:15pm to 10:15pm, 10% intensity, 100 minute ramp up and ramp down. Filter: Boyu external, with...