low co2 level

  1. Sarah Evans

    Problem-solving my newish planted tank

    Hello, just introducing myself and my tank - it was set up in September 2017. There is no CO2, just 30% EI ferts and excel. I have been using an LED for 6hours a day, but swapped to an Aquasky so I can dim LEDs because I’m battling with, what I presume is, low CO2 or too much light because I...
  2. L

    CO2 Reactors vs Diffuser for large aquarium

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but I have been directed here for some useful advice. A little bit of research: I would like peoples opinions on CO2 reactors and Diffusers (ceramic) and which would be better for a large 6ft aquarium. I have read multiple threads on different forums, some...