1. Ray_Norwich

    A little low tech jungle

    Final full tank shot: Title: untitled Dimensions: 36, 36, 43H (Askoll Pure LED M) CO2: Colombo FloraGrow CO2 alternative (2mls daily) Filtration: 4 stage (mechanical, fine, carbon & biological) inbuilt in hood Lights: 7 watts inbuilt LED in hood Photo Period: 8 hrs / day...
  2. Akwaskape

    Cryptocoryne Parva Carpet

    Thought I'd post up a picture of my Parva Carpet, its about 2 years old and going stronger than ever.
  3. A

    Stopping CO2 in high tech tank

    Hi guys! I am in the process of setting up a new tank and here's what I have thought 1) I'll buy a 2.5 feet long tank roughly 25g 2)I want dense planting, basically, some swords, crypts, hygrophilias, anubias and fern 3) I want to carpet it with marselia (whichever I can find) 4) T5-40W light (I...
  4. M

    Leaving the sea to go lowtech and green

    I will start my journal with a misinformed confession; I never thought I would go down the freshwater route as I thought it was boring. I can hear booing and hissing from the seats in the back. ;) I was a marine girl through and through. My saltwater aquarium was my pride and joy, I had LPS, a...