ludwigia glandulosa

  1. Pedro Viveiros

    Curled Ludwigia Glandulosa

    Hi, My Ludwigia Glandulosa new leaves are getting curled, and have some light yellow spots. I had this in the past, so I increased CO2 and made some pruning. The plants got better, but now they are getting curled again… Could you be so kind and look at the photos to give your opinion. More CO2...
  2. Brian Murphy

    Lost Iwagami

    I started this scape 6 days ago and I had planned to do my first Iwagami scape with just eleocharis accicularis but when I received my plants I got a few free samples so it seemed a shame not use them aswell :) Tank - 90cm x 30 x 30 Lighting - APS 2 x39w (only using 1 x 39w bulb though)...