1. jaypeecee

    How important is sulphur for aquarium plants?

    Hi Folks, Dennis Wong on his site classifies sulphur as a macro nutrient. As far as I am aware, the only macro nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (aka NPK). Please see: He also includes calcium and magnesium. Here I want to...
  2. Jezmond

    Do I need to add ferts with liquid co2

    I have a well stocked year old 125l tank with just sand substrate and 15 recently added plants which are a mix of crypts, java fern, anubias, swords, rotalia, cabomba and ludwigia peruviana. Lights are 2 X 20watt t8 and 1 Arcadia stretch 24watt led. I'm adding JBL ferropol weekly and 2 ml...
  3. viktorlantos

    Shrimp Macro Photography

    Cheers guys, i am not that active nowadays sorry about that. We usually organize a few workshop every year on different subject. This weekend we had a shrimp photography workshop where we had the goal in mind, to shoot something close in quality of Chris Lukhaup photos. For those who are not...
  4. A

    First set up - couple questions..

    hello, Just set up my first pressurised CO2 system, and there are a couple things which I am confused about: According to aqua essentials i should use a dose macro nutrients now that i have CO2. Assuming this is correct, should I start doing this immediately? Also, I'm a little confused...
  5. George Farmer

    Flowers in my garden

    Hi all, It was a lovely day so I thought I'd get outside and take a few photos of some of the beautiful flowers I have in my garden. Taken with my new Canon 6D and trusted 100mm macro lens. My favourite is the yellow lily. I think the dark green background contrasts brilliantly.