maidenhead aquatics

  1. MasonJ19

    Superfish home 60L

    My first propper attempt at aquascaping. Very enjoyable, I now have the bug. Let me know your thoughts, have I failed miserably?
  2. James Fawkes

    George Famer @ Maidenhead Leicester - Update

    Hi, So I had the pleasure of attending this event yesterday. Was a really nice morning, and was great to meet George and Maurits. The tank looked awesome and had some really cool plants, my favorite being Bucephalendra (I think that's the name). Only got a few snaps because I had to rush off...
  3. Crossocheilus

    Look what I found in MA!

    So today I went to my local MA to get some mini blood worms which they ran out of and instead walked away with this:What do think of that? I was amazed to get such a nice couple of pieces from MA, it cost me £17 not too bad I think.