1. jaypeecee

    PAR Measurement

    Hi Folks, Although I have a spectrometer, which enables me to check freshwater aquarium lighting spectra, I do not have a PAR sensor/meter. And I don't like guesswork. So, I'd like to hire/borrow/purchase a decent PAR sensor/meter. The Apogee range looks interesting. I am drawn to the Apogee...
  2. Jason Blake

    pH Meter and/or Drop Checker, pH Levels / Profile

    Hi, I have been reading many threads concerning the measurement of CO2 concentration in a tank. Unfortunately I am still a little confused about the matter. On one hand I get the impression that all one needs is a drop checker and as long as it turns Limeade green, you have enough CO2 and of...
  3. RolyMo

    Recommendations for an accurate PH meter below £80

    It's nearly Christmas time and family are asking the difficult questions of what would I like for a present. Life would be easy if I could just reply, a new house, a couple of new expensive tanks, filters and lights. But I don't have family who are flush and generous. So I will have to make do...
  4. RolyMo

    TDS Meters Which One?

    Not that I like researching the hell of each item I buy for my tanks, but rather I want to make sure I am getting the right thing for the job and not buying cheap and end up buying twice. So with my new shrimp tank project just kicked off, a kind member suggested I get a TDS meter off ebay...